About Me

About Me
I am a thirty-something advertising professional, wife, step-mom, and fur-mom. I enjoy time with my friends and family, especially having get-togethers. I'm a party planner and love having fun with themes. I have a great relationship with nature and the outdoors and spend a lot of time outside. I'm more of a Fall lover for weather, as I really don't like the heat, but I tolerate it and it won't stop me from having a good time. Neither will a little snow.

I also love running and working out. I am not a quick runner but I lap everyone that is sitting on the couch, right? I enjoy doing 5ks and having fun at them with friends. I know that getting in shape needs to come from all around working out and not just running so I mix in some cardio and strength training too. And of course a healthy diet.

About My Blog
In this blog, I want to share my experiences (the good, the bad, the ugly) with all of you. I want you to know all that Waukesha (and surrounding cities) have to offer from my viewpoint.

I also love to experiment with recipes and try to recreate a meal that I had somewhere that was insanely good. Or if I found something on Pinterest, online or in a cookbook, I will make it and add my own flare to it. I am not a professional cook and will never claim to be. I enjoy cooking and "experimenting" to see if I can jazz up or make a dish "my own." I have mostly successes but I do have flops from time to time and I plan to share that with you too so you maybe won't make the same mistake.

I hope you join me on my experiences and feel free to comment your true thoughts as that's what I do on the blog. I love the input but please keep things light and positive. I don't ever want to bring anyone down and so I hope no one will do that to me either.

Sponsored posts--
--Either on my blog or for yours. Please contact me to discuss and let's work together. Pricing varies. 

Product Reviews-- 
--I am extremely open to product reviews and providing honest opinions. If you would like me to review something, send me an email! 
Ad Space--
--Space is available on my blog. Please email me for further information. 

Additional Services
Social Media Management--
I provide Social Media management services for an extremely reasonable monthly fee. I provide packages that range from teaching you the ins and outs to making you a guru.  Send me an email if you are interested in learning more--I would love to help you explore this new social world we are living in.

Social Media Speaking--
Need someone to speak to your staff or group about social media or a specific platform? I'm your gal. My passion is social media and I understand the ins and outs and stay on top of the trends. Send me an email if you are interested in learning more.