About Me

In this blog, I want to share my experiences (the good, the bad, the ugly) with all of you. I want you to know all that Waukesha (and surrounding cities) have to offer from my viewpoint.

I also love to experiment with recipes and try to recreate a meal that I had somewhere that was insanely good. Or if I found something on Pinterest, online or in a cookbook, I will make it and add my own flare to it. I am not a professional cook and will never claim to be. I enjoy cooking and "experimenting" to see if I can jazz up or make a dish "my own." I have mostly successes but I do have flops from time to time and I plan to share that with you too so you maybe won't make the same mistake.

I also love running and working out. I am not a quick runner but I lap everyone that is sitting on the couch right? I am working slowly towards a goal of completing a 5k without stopping to walk and hope to get myself up to a half marathon by my 35th birthday. But I know that getting in shape needs to come from all around working out and not just running so I mix in some cardio and stregth training too. I recently found some HIIT workouts that I love.

I hope you join me on my experiences and feel free to comment your true thoughts as that's what I do on the blog. I love the input but please keep things light and positive. I don't ever want to bring anyone down and so I hope no one will do that to me either.

I am extremely open to doing product reviews and providing honest opinions on the products. If you would like me to review something, send me an email! Or if you would like me to participate in a blogging opportunity, I am very open to that too!
Ad space available if you are interested in advertising on my blog. Please email me for further information. szubarik at gmail dot com

I provide Social Media management services for an extremely reasonable monthly fee. I provide packages that range from teaching you the ins and outs of social media to being complete hands off. Send me an email if you are interested in learning more. I would love to help you explore this new social world we are living in.