Thursday, October 11, 2018

Boombalatti's Pizza Co.

I like to believe that I have always lived a healthy lifestyle--making good food choices and staying active. Since I was little, I was always riding my bike around town, playing volleyball, basketball, and softball, and I loved to dance, both classical ballet and competitive poms. Even after my sports days ended with high school, I continued to stay active with bike rides and I even added running/jogging into the mix. But the older I get, the easier I find it to fall into really poor habits and it's a lot harder to keep the weight off.

My love affair with the gym is one of epic proportions and probably something to discuss on another post. In a nutshell, I have joined and cancelled multiple gyms in the past 15 years and hopefully this time around, I have found the commitment to stick with this one and keep going.

But staying active is only half of the challenge--you can workout all you want and burn calories, but if you go home and chow down on unhealthy options and eat more calories than you burn, it's all for nothing.

Right before I met my husband, I had found a solid routine that balanced healthy eating and working out regularly and I'm aiming to get back to that lifestyle (but I know it won't be easy).

I fall victim to carbs all too often. I am a girl that loves bread, pasta, potatoes--if its a white carb, I love it. And I have had fears that I will never be able to break the habit. But I am also someone that knows I can't go extreme or I will fail. Everything in moderation is ok.

Cue in Boombalatti's Pizza Company -- I first heard of the company from an article in the Waukesha Freeman introducing the company as a low carb/keto-friendly pizza company and I was instantly intrigued. The business utilizes the kitchen at the Easter Seals building and provides fresh pizzas (and a few other goodies) to take and bake at home.

My husband and I are finishing up our "Biggest Loser Challenge" this month. It consisted of changing out lifestyles however we each wanted to be supportive of each other's choices. I increased my activity level and shrank portions, and my husband has cut his ties with the vending machine at work to provide ourselves with a healthier lifestyle.

I ordered from Boombalatti's and got a sausage, black olive, and green pepper pizza for us to try. The pizza is a 10' round, which doesn't sound that large, but let me tell you it is. The owner makes her own crust and sauce from scratch and loads up the pizza with plenty of toppings. Cooking instructions are provided and it's no more difficult that making a Papa Murphy's.

Once out of the oven, the pizza looked and smelled just like a regular pizza. Though the crust didn't get nearly as crispy as my husband likes, I thoroughly enjoyed the pizza. To me, it wasn't too far from a regular pizza in flavor, and knowing I was enjoying fewer carbs made it even closer to regular pizza for me.

Boombalatti's is growing in popularity and offering more days to for pickup during the week. How it works is that you order in advance before the pickup day, pay online, and then come during the pickup time window and your pizza is ready for you.

I have had a few conversations with the owner and she is experimenting with more varieties of pizza and food options and has a very solid following for those looking for gluten-free/keto-friendly food options that are fresh and local. I see good things in her future!

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