Monday, June 19, 2017

Waukesha Floral

Kara Reese Photography
When I started at Image Makers fourteen years ago, I became aware of Waukesha Floral & Greenhouse. The company is a client of Image Makers and also provides floral and decor for the office. If you drive down North Street in Waukesha heading to downtown, you might notice the brightly colored, fun decor in front of our building. Waukesha Floral does an amazing job and we have even had people stop in and ask about it. 

Marty and Jane are genuinely fun people and experts in their field--it was a no-brainer when it came time for floral for my wedding. 
Kara Reese Photography

The floral arrangements that Michelle, WF's wedding specialist, came up with for my day were the most beautiful flowers I had ever seen. Though I gave input on the types of flowers that would make up the bouquet, I had no idea how gorgeous it would turn out. 

Kara Reese Photography

As I shared before, Tom Kaupp, the president of Image Makers, passed away in November. Before he passed, we had a conversation in his office and he offered to purchase my bridal bouquet. He shared this wish with others before passing on and so the least I could do on my wedding day was let everyone else know how special he is to me and my family. The bouquet that Waukesha Floral put together for me was absolutely stunning -- I know Tom was with me on my day. 

Kara Reese Photography
I received so many compliments on how the floral really pulled the room together and weeks after the wedding, many friends and family still had roses and succulents still alive. I am trying to save some and grow them in my yard.
When it came time to find annual plants for our new home and add some color to the yard, we selected Waukesha Floral. There were so many plants to choose from and we let the girlies pick out whatever they wanted.

After we picked plants from the outdoor area, the cashier told us to check out the greenhouse and see how beautiful everything was coming in. The girlies were mesmerized by the beautiful colors and how many plants were in the greenhouse. It really is something to see.

This was the girlies first time really getting in the dirt and planting all on their own and they did any amazing job. The hardy plants from WF have survived my absent-mindedness to water them and bounce right back.

It's no wonder why Waukesha Floral has been around for over a century -- their amazing flowers stand the test of time and I have no doubt who I will turn to in the future for any of my floral needs.

PS - they have an amazing shop with home decor, candles, purses, jewelry and more - definitely worth checking out.


  1. So fun to find your blog! I'm an off-again on-again blogger, relatively new to Waukesha (though I've lived in MKE for 10+ years). I hadn't heard of Waukesha Floral and can't wait to check it out, thanks for sharing!