Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Fish Fry Season is Upon Us

Today is the beginning of Lent and for many of us in Wisconsin, it's the unofficial kickoff to fish fry season. I enjoy fish fries year-round, but many restaurants up the ante during Lent and offer their fish fries more often or have more offerings. I want to share with you a few of my fave places around the area that I have enjoyed a fish fry.
Thunder Bay Grille Fish Fry

Spring City Restaurant/The Rox Bar - They have a full menu full of Fish Fry specials. I recommend the cod and the perch. The restaurant is a traditional family place, but if you want a more lively atmosphere, head to the bar side and enjoy it there.

Thunder Bay Grille - They do offer specials on Friday in addition to their regular menu items. I love the Fish and Chips - Atlantic cod, farmhouse ale beer batter, fries, house made tartar sauce, house slaw - 13.99

Tally's Tap - They offer an AYCE Fish Fry among other specialties and they have really good potato pancakes :) They recently went through a remodel--I haven't been there to check it out, but it's a sports bar with bar games and such.

Cue Club of Wisconsin - This is probably my fiance's and my favorite fish fry in town, and not just because we lived close by. They have a menu exclusive for their fish fry. The portions are great (they offer a smaller portion too for those that don't need a lot). The breading is good, fish is flaky, and waffle fries--need I say more.

Delafield Brewhaus - This place is known for their fish fry and it's a year-round tradition. Portions are large and delicious. I left stuffed with a happy belly--where as my friend who is usually on seconds when we are just taking our first bites--was considering adding on the clam chowder!

Albanese's Roadhouse - This offers bar room dining or a dining room depending on which atmosphere you are in for. The fish fry has an Italian breading that I really enjoyed.

Murf's Custard - This one takes me back. In the early 2000s, my friends and I roller-bladed here and pooled our money together for a bucket of fish and fries. We ate it outside on a gorgeous evening and then roller-bladed all over downtown and around the city. The scariest part was rollerblading on the boardwalk late at night (yes we probably shouldn't have, but we were young and it was fun!)  I still remember the fish and it was great!

People's Park - My parents and I have enjoyed this fish fry many times. They have a fish sandwich as well. And I love that I can get the cucumber salad instead of fries. My mom always opts for the sweet potato fries!

In addition to the places that I have shared, there is a website dedicated to fish fry's in the Milwaukee area--with a page just for Waukesha. Check it out and maybe find your favorite.

And please feel free to share your favorite place with me - I'm always up to try new places and new foods!

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  1. We really love Matteo's and Neighbors Bar & Grill for fish fry. Neighbors has a fantastic homemade clam chowder!