Friday, June 10, 2016

Summer Fun Has Begun

Sky Above Pewaukee Beach
Memorial Day weekend was very busy for us, but an absolute blast. I'm still recovering from all the fun, thus the delay in getting this post out. Here's the breakdown starting with Thursday.

Got home from work and went to his daughter's school for their spring concert. After we headed to Murf's for a bite to eat. 

Murf's in Waukesha
Friday we both put in our eight work hours and ran for the doors for the weekend. We grabbed dinner with our friend Kacey at Rox Bar and Grille and then headed back to our place. The guys planned a movie night and I was along for the ride as I had no plans until.......
Rox Bar & Grille, Waukesha
Tory's plans changed for the night and we headed to downtown Waukesha to leave the guys with their movies. We checked out Daylee Public House and People's Park. Daylee Public House is going to have pitchers of New Age wine - first place I have ever found that does that and I'm overjoyed - see you regularly! 
Daylee Public House Outdoor Deck Seating

Daylee Public House libations
People's Park Rooftop
Saturday morning started early with my fiance and I meeting my parents at the Waukesha Farmers' Market and picked up some plants and bread. Then it was over to Roots Coffee Bar and Cafe for breakfast before heading to my parents to hang out. They need to take down a few trees this year so we walked the yard and assessed. Then my fiance and I headed home to grocery shop. 

Roots Coffee Bar & Cafe - Waukesha
Sunday we hosted a Memorial Day grill out with lots of laughter and good eats. People stayed late and it was a gorgeous night.  My wine bottle Tiki torches worked well for decor but aren't strong enough for mosquito resistance. 
Pinterest Wine Bottle Tiki Torches for the win!
Monday I headed out to Pewaukee Lake with Tory and we got their just in time for the parade. We watched the 21-gun salute before finding a nice spot on the sand. After a few hours, we decided to check out the rental option for kayaks and before I knew it, I was heading towards a fun island on the lake. This is by far my new favorite hobby and I will make sure my next vehicle has roof rack so I can do this all the time with my own kayak. I might have also worked out a storage option with an awesome friend with lake property :)
Pewaukee Beach
Kayaking at Pewaukee Beach
By Monday night I was exhausted but we still played some games at a friends' house and enjoyed another great evening. I was pretty much done by 9 pm and my back was screaming at me for lacking in the sunscreen department (paying for that now with itching and peeling!). 
I'm on a boat!
Tuesday was sad to see come, but it was definitely an awesome way to kick off the summer. I plan to get some posts up soon about all this awesomeness in more detail so you can enjoy it for yourself. But any place that I listed in this post is highly rated by this girl! 

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