Friday, May 13, 2016

Mooyah Burgers

Brookfield Square has recently added five new spaces to the southeast end of the mall. Three of these spaces became restaurants and I have had the opportunity to try all three already. Jason's Deli is like a Panera but add a salad bar. I will write more about this one another day. Blackfinn AmeriPub is a sportsbar-style restaurant with great unique eats and I will write about this one too in another post. Today I am focusing on Mooyah.

I first found out about this franchise last year when I heard it was being added to the mall. I was curious what it was going to served but figured meat of some sort. Mooyah is a burger and shake quick-serve restaurant. You order at a counter and your meal is made just for you. It is either brought to you or they call your name when it's ready. 

My fiance and I had a wedding appointment in Brookfield and I suggested we check out Mooyah after. He was completely on board. 

Mooyah is not a large place, with seating for about 30. We both chose the regular burger with cheese and one of the things I like the most is that the majority of the toppings are free to add to the burger. Only cheese, bacon, and avocado is an additional charge. I added Swiss cheese, sauteed mushrooms, and grilled onions on a white bun. My fiance ordered American cheese, lettuce, tomato, and mayo. I asked for a side of Mooyah sauce on the side because you have to see what's so special about their own sauce--it's a creamy thousand island sauce. We also ordered a medium fry because it serves 1-2 people.

We grabbed a table while waiting for our order to be ready and took in the atmosphere. The place is very kid-friendly with coloring sheets and crayons to entertain the littles while there. The artwork is then posted up near the menu. They also have a "Moodle Doodle" chalkboard wall to draw on. 

Our food came out quickly and was served to us on metal trays. I was impressed by the size of the burgers--though flat, mine was bigger than the bun and the bun was pretty big.  They loaded on the mushrooms and onions for me. 

I took a bite and it was impressed. I would compare it to a Butterburger or Kopp's burger but it did have it's own flavor. we both enjoyed the burgers. 

The fries are freshly cut and fried and I was very glad I ordered the Mooyah sauce--we used that as our dip for the fries. The sauce was great - creamy and tangy. And the medium order of fries was perfect for the two of us to share. 

We both said that we would come back again and probably bring the little ladies with us. I think they would enjoy coloring and then seeing their artwork on display! And they would also like the food.

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