Thursday, March 24, 2016

Wine Tastings at Spring City Wine House

I have now attended two wine tastings at Spring City Wine House. I have to say that they are very well run and provide you enough knowledge on the wines in addition to yummy bites to eat and time to talk with others in the class about the wines.

Here's a bit of a breakdown on how the classes are run. Three tables are set up in the back area of Spring City Wine House. This is an area that can be reserved for card nights, book clubs, and private parties--or it can be a quieter area to sit in the shop.

The first wine tasting we attended was all on Red Blend wines. The tasting was run by a wine distributor that Spring City brought in. I knew him from my former Fox Run Sentry Liquor days. Tom, Spring City's owner, was also around and helped describe the foods that came out throughout the tasting as well as provide some extra insight on the wines.

In front of each seat is four wine glasses with the first four wines in them, a glass for water, and a sheet describing the wines with places to take notes. On each table is a charcuterie plate to start and carafe of water to help clear our palettes between wines.

The wines are described one at a time in order for the participants to smell, taste, and swirl and then discuss what they like or didn't like about it. Two small bites made by staff at Spring House are provided for the first four wines and then two more for the last four wines. These bites are well thought out to pair well with the wines.

Each class lasts a little over an hour and after the class, the bottles are available to purchase after, while supplies last. I do believe that the favorites might also be spotted in rotation in the machines at Spring City.

I really enjoy these classes, and not just because I really enjoy wine. You have the opportunity to learn something new, meet new people, try new foods, and overall have a great time. I recommend that you check out their events page or follow them on Facebook to see when the classes are held. And they do tend to fill up quickly so strike while the iron is hot and sign up!

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