Friday, February 12, 2016

Tom + Chee

My fiance and I are huge fans of the show Shark Tank. Last season, we saw the episode that featured Tom + Chee, a grilled cheese and soup shop that wanted to franchise the business. I fell in love with the concept and from what I saw, the food looked terrific.

They were given an offer on the show and a few months later, the first Tom + Chee opened in the Fox Valley Area. I have family in that area so I told them all about it and hoped we could check it out together. A few months later, I found out a Tom + Chee was opening in Elm Grove--so much easier for me to get to.

My guy and I finally found time after the holidays and made a lunch date to check the place out. The shop is in a great location between Brookfield Square Mall and HWY 100, making it a very popular destination for many. The parking lot is a little struggle as it doesn't have many spots. But I was able to get in a spot without too much difficulty.

When we walked in, the place was pretty packed. Long tables were set up to eat banquet/family-style and guests were waiting with numbers for their food. I was glad there was a little bit of a line so I had time to decide what I wanted to eat.

Everything sounded really good--I decided to be glutinous and go for a donut grilled cheese. I had one this summer in Wisconsin Dells that was heavenly so I just had to compare. They also had some great sounding salads so I went with a donut grilled cheese and green salad (it's sort of the Big Mac and Diet Coke mentality!)

We decided to take our food to go because the place was pretty packed. It only took a few minutes to get ready and then we were out the door and headed home.

Everything comes in a labels cardboard box. They didn't skimp on the salad and it was layered with fresh lettuce, a ton of goat cheese, crasins, nuts and more. The dressing was light and delicious. I didn't leave a single piece of that salad behind.

The donut grilled cheese was amazing. This is going to be my new go-to YOLO meal. I probably shouldn't be eating grilled cheese donuts all the time but it will be my splurge or You Only Live Once meal.

I had a bite of my guys BLT and the bread had the perfect crust. It held up to the 20 minute car ride home which was impressive. And the ingredients were fresh -- one of the best BLT bites I have had.

We are definitely big fans and we will be back again as soon as we can to try other great things on their menu.

I don't think either of us will ever try this challenge but it doesn't sound intriguing. I figure I could eat four of those before I would be full.

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