Friday, October 16, 2015

Raised Grain Brewery

My friend Tiffany works in specialized retail on the east side of Waukesha and Raised Grain Brewery opened very near her job. I met up with her one night after work and we headed over to check the place out.

We ended up going during their Grand Opening celebration and although the place was very busy with patrons, we were able to find some stools at the bar without a problem.

The bartenders/owners were all present and very welcoming. They greeted us as soon as we sat down and got us some menus to review while they waited on other patrons. The menus describe each beer they have available so it took us a bit to get through.

While we read about the beers, I also took in the atmosphere. The bar reminds me of Sweet Mullets in Oconomowoc with a rustic/industrial vibe. Beautiful wood shelves behind the bar, growlers and glasses, and the window behind the taps to see the brew room.
Bar Top - picture doesn't do it justice so go see it in person!
The bar top is an absolutely gorgeous wooden masterpiece that according to their Facebook page, weighs 1000 pounds. My photo does not do the top justice, so please stop in and see it for yourself. The light fixtures and design was all put together by the owners and are very industrial rustic. 
Tiffany and I each decided to do a flight so we could try a variety of their beers. The beers are numbered on a chalkboard and the bartender provides you a mini chalkboard to write down your selections. That mini board is then magnetically stuck to a muffin tin that has your four beers and some pretzel bites..

Tiffany and I shared our flights so we could try almost all the beers. We both chose #3 so #5 was missed this time. But fortunately #3 was excellent and we each were then able to enjoy the full sample.

About the Beer:
Kolsch - nice and light
Spring City Amber - A very good Amber, nice nose and flavor
Imperial Stout - pretty heavy in taste and a lot of coffee - Tiffany really liked this but it was too heavy in coffee for me.
Birdseye Belgium Trippel - This was my favorite and I could drink this all day. It's bold and full of Belgium. But with 9.23% alcohol, I will have to be careful not to overindulge too quickly!
Six Stone Scotch - very easy to drink and much like a Kilkenny for me.
Riggenaut Rye IPA - This one was extremely hoppy for me.
Ah Ha IPA - This one was hoppy as well but I did like it quite a bit.

Between Tiffany and myself, we both thought the Amber was a great beer, Trippel is delicious, and Ah Ha has a unique tastefor a hop-heavy beer.

I overheard the owners talking about having more new beers to try soon (something about a Cherry IPA???)

With all of this great beer available, you need to pair it with more than pretzels. The brewery serves frozen pizzas and jumbo soft pretzels. But on most Thursdays, Smokey O's Food Truck can be found outside serving up their great smoked eats.

The brewery provided us a menu to decide what we wanted to eat and then Tiffany went outside to order it and bring it back in. She surprised us with three selections - pork Banh Mi sliders, pulled pork Panini, and pork Tacos.

The Banh Mi sliders have a solid spice kick but I really liked them. The Kings Hawaiian buns add the perfect amount of sweet to help compliment and calm the heat. Very fresh in flavor too!

The Panini was heavy on the chipotle flavor but still delicious. The crunch of the bread with the melty cheese was excellent.

The Tacos were loaded with fresh ingredients and flavors. They were a little messy to eat but very delectable.

This was a very solid first experience of the brewery and I will be happy to come back again and try more of the beers. And if a food truck isn't available, I read that Raised Grain will let you bring in food from other spots as well to enjoy with your beers.

I also read that they are offering Yoga classes in the brewery. For $10, you get the class and a beer after. Get in your workout and enjoy a delicious beer after. I might just have to try a class!

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