Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Spring City Wine House

A coworker and I were looking for an option to go to after work and catch up on our personal lives and because both of us enjoy wine, we decided to check out Spring City Wine House. It's located between The Steaming Cup and The Clarke Hotel on Main Street and has been open for just a few months.
We stopped in a little after 5 p.m. and instantly both of us fell in love with the interior. It has both rustic and modern flairs in a very welcoming environment.

We walked past some wine machines that allow you to pour your own wine and headed to the bar to find out how to order ourselves a drink.

Here's how it works: The wine house sets you up with a card that you insert into the machines. You can choose to have a taste, a half, or full pour and the prices are tallied on the card. When you are done, you take the card back to the bar and then pay for your drinks. After each selection, the machine display tells you your total so you can keep track of what you are spending.

There are 24 reds and 16 whites in the machines. They also have bubbly, beer, and bottles of wine available for purchase. Looking through the selections, there were a few familiar names but many that were new to me. The wine house provides descriptions above the selections to help you decide what to try, and the machines are arranged from lightest flavors to boldest for both white and red wines. Prices start at about $2 for a taste and I did see one exclusive that was $9, but everything else is very reasonable.

Super exclusive bottle with a $9 taste price.
Happy Hour runs Monday - Thursday from 4 - 6 p.m. and wines are 20% off. The machines automatically reduce the cost during happy hour and readjust at 6 p.m.

My coworker and I were able to try a few different wines and then settle on one that we liked to have a glass of before 6 p.m. We sat in some lounge chairs in the middle of the shop and chatted for a while.

The shop offers some cheese platters to have with the wine and offers infused water for all the customers.

I should also mention that glassware is located next to the machines so you can use a new glass whenever you feel like. Or you can rinse at a station set up between the red and white wines.

My coworker and I had such a great time, I texted my friends and told them we needed to check out the place soon. That following Tuesday we stopped in (after overindulging in sushi at Meiji) and they too really enjoyed the place. The atmosphere and music is very relaxing.
I am so happy that there are options in downtown for wine drinkers. Sure lots of bars have wine, but just like exclusive micro brews on tap are a big selling point for places like Magellan's, Nice Ash, and Bernie's, shops that specialize in unique wines will bring in another crowd to downtown. Another plus for this great city!

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