Thursday, July 2, 2015

The Cheeze Factory Restaurant

Last month, my guy and I took a long weekend to Wisconsin Dells. It was relaxing and just what we both needed. Besides the boat tour being the number one favorite thing we did, The Cheeze Factory Restaurant experience is definitely right up there.

I was contacted by The Cheeze Factory Restaurant a few months ago and offered the opportunity to dine "on them" and see what they are all about. The Cheeze Factory has recently gone 100% vegan with their menu. Vegan is something that I had never experienced before, but I'm always up for new opportunities. My guy was a little less excited of eating vegan food, but said he would do it for me.

The Cheeze Factory is located right on one of the main drags in Wisconsin Dells, right next to The Wilderness Resort. After our really long hike in Devil's Lake that morning, we arrived to the restaurant very hungry and ready for the experience.

The interior is a combination of up north cabin, cafe and diner. I loved the black & white tiles on the floor.

The restaurant has plenty of seating for groups of all sizes and swivel stools at the counter. We chose a table in the corner by the windows and started perusing the menu.
 There were a lot of options to sort through and figure out what we going to want to try. Fresh squeezed lemonade called my name right away, so we both got a glass of that. You could definitely taste that it was freshly made. It was so good.
 I saw this sign on the table while we were figuring out our meals. I appreciate they share they kitchen practices and let you know how things are going to be prepared.
 I selected the Mushroom Lovers Goulash and Gnocchi. I was very excited about the five types of mushrooms in the dish and the fact they are locally-grown was an added bonus. This meal was wonderful. I don't know what the "sour cream" was derived from but you could barely tell it wasn't real cream. The gnocchi was amazing. They were soft but held together in the sauce. The only part I wasn't a fan of was the pepper on the top, that I easily put to the side. Peppers and I sometimes don't agree with each other, so I tend to avoid them.

And let me tell you about the salad that came with the entree, it was heaven. I loved the picked carrots and parsnips and couldn't stop eating it. The salad had a light dressing on it and was created with kale and other greens. This entire meal was absolutely amazing for me.
My guy was a little leary with what to pick that he was going to enjoy. But he finally decided on the Asian Medley dish. This was a really unique combination of a chinese and indian meal with the use of coconut milk in the dish. I really liked his meal and he couldn't stop eating it. He tried the tofu and decided it wasn't for him, but kept on eating the rest of the meal. I tried the tofu and liked the nice char on the pieces. It was very good.

Our meals were so good, that we both decided to pack up some so we could eat it later. I didn't expect my guy to take home vegan leftovers, but he was the first one to say that if I could figure out how to make that meal, he would eat it all the time. Of all the places that we went to eat, and we ate out a lot, this was the only place that we chose to bring leftovers home because it was just that good. (The leftovers were devoured that evening while we watched a little TV - they reheated awesome and were the perfect, no guilt, late night snack!)

We were told from the start of our meal to save a little room for one of the heavenly desserts. It took us a while to decide on what to get and relied on the amazing descriptions from our server to help us pick one from our top choices.

We decided on a piece of the key lime "cheezecake." It was made with cashews and it was absolutely fantastic. The crust was very nutty, but delicious and you would never know that it wasn't cream cheese. I actually think I preferred this over regular cheesecake (and I love cheesecake). I wish the piece was bigger but we decided to share just the one and not over indulge too much. 

The entire experience surpassed any expectations I had and while walking to the car after the meal, my guy already said the next time we were in the Dells, we should definitely come back. I even considered stopping the next morning to bring back some desserts, but we didn't really have a cooler and knew we were going to make a few stops on the way home. 

My entire concept of vegan food has changed, and changed for the positive. I realize now that it's not just a bunch of beans and lettuce and really wonderful entrees can be created from natural foods. I hope this place continues to thrive and I urge everyone to check this place out the next time they are near the Dells. 

I thank The Cheeze Factory Restaurant for this amazing experience. Though they provided the meal at no cost to us, the opinions are completely my own. 

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