Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Spring in Waukesha

Spring has officially sprung in Waukesha and even though the Mega Weekend has passed, there are so many great things to look forward to in the coming weeks and months in Waukesha.


I'm very excited for the Farmer's Market. Although I wasn't able to attend it this weekend, I drove by on my way out of town and saw that it was hopping with people. It looked like there were a lot more booths and booths closer to Barstow than before. The area where the Salvation Army/Antique store resided that is now a grassy area had booths which is new for this year.

I will be out of town next weekend too, but hope to attend the following weekend.

High Roller Fun Rentals is now open later in the evenings at Frame Park. Rent a fun bike or boat and enjoy some time at the Fox River. I plan to do this with my guy and his girls this summer. Not sure which one we will do, I'll leave that up to the girls, but it's going to be a blast.

I also look forward to returning to both Crush Wine Bar and Two Brothers Wines. Crush is having some tastings that interest me in the near future and I hope to help bottle some with with the brothers. I had such a great time at both places. Check out my experience on the VisitWaukesha.org blog.

I also need to introduce my guy to the rooftop of People's Park. He is a fan of their fish fry so I think a Friday night on the roof is in our near future!

Friday Night Live doesn't start until June and I'm curious how it's going to work with the road construction this year. But it's a great event to attend with friends and family and get them to downtown Waukesha and listen to some tunes while we wander from shop to shop.

I see a new popcorn store is opening on Main Street in June. Seeing as Poppin' on Broadway is going through a transition, I'm excited to see what this new place will offer. Hopefully Poppin reopens soon as I just love the Broadway mix and my dad wants me to pick up some cheddar caramel corn for him. The new website looks great!

Waterski shows start up later this month--Badgerland on the Fox River and Pewaukee Lake Water Ski Club on Pewaukee Lake. I think this is another great event to take my guy and his girls to.

Classic Car Shows on Wednesday nights at the Gasthaus look to be a big hit. I could hear the music from my backyard last year but never made it over for a show.

I'm sure I will get great use out of my State Park permit and head to Lapham and a few other parks this summer. Lapham has great trails for walking and running and the tower always has great views!

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