Monday, April 13, 2015

El Sol de Mexico

My guy and I live on opposite ends of the great city of Waukesha. When I head to his place after work, I drive past El Sol de Mexico on Broadway. It has intrigued me for a while and I have heard good things about the place. I asked my guy if he ever ate there and he hadn't but was up for trying it sometime.

So one evening before we ran some errands, we checked the place out. The front parking lot is a little odd if you come from west, as all the front spots angle the other direction. It was after I squeezed into a spot that I saw they had additional parking around the back of the building. (You wouldn't see that coming from the west though.)

We walked in and noticed the fun decor. The walls are painted bright yellow and blue with decorations throughout the restaurant. We were sat at a booth near the front and I was facing the bar area in the back that looks like a nice area. The kitchen is behind the register area and the middle area of the restaurant is a lot of tables that can accommodate parties of any size.

Chips and salsa were brought to us while we perused the menu. The menu has a ton of options so it  was really hard to come to a decision. Prices were very reasonable, so my guy decided to get a Pina Colada and guacamole and chips to start. The Pina Colada was delicious (coming from a girl that doesn't particularly like coconut).

And the guacamole was scrumptious. It tasted like it was whipped and had fresh cilantro. I really enjoyed this treat with the homemade chips.
For my entree, I decided to go with chicken flautas. It's something that I typically order and I wanted to see how it compared to others in the city. Three crunchy flautas arrived with sour cream, lettuce and tomatoes on top. I was really excited to see the side of guacamole as well The flautas were a little tough to cut through with my knife but they tasted great. The chicken had great flavor. The refried beans were really good  - they were light and fluffy. Unfortunately the rice was really bland, so I didn't eat it.
My guy went for the chicken fajitas and they arrived very hot and sizzling, but not chicken. They brought him beef. He decided not to complain as it smelled wonderful and he was rather hungry.
 Check out this video of the sizzle.
The fajitas came with sour cream, lettuce, tomatoes, the heavenly guacamole, rice and beans and flour tortillas (corn tortillas can be ordered as well). My guy concurred on the rice but enjoyed the rest of his meal. I sampled a bite of his fajita meat and it was pretty good. The meat was well seasoned.
The food was great and we definitely will come back. My guy did wish his order would have come right because the restaurant wasn't busy so it should have been easy to remember what we each wanted. But overall we left with happy bellies and will probably come back again.

La Estacion is still my favorite in town, but I haven't been to Casa Ole, Margaritas, La Fuente, (have been to the Milwaukee one) or El Palmar yet. Serrano's is good but a little pricier, Plaza Garibaldi is decent, Taco Amigo is great for a quick bite at lunch. (Casa del Rio was my favorite - the seafood enchiladas were amazing!)


  1. I ate there once and got really sick... haven't been back since. Love Estacion and La Fuente, though.

  2. You did not identify the man in the pic as
    "My-guy", so we can only presume it was. I read for everything.

    We have not been to this place yet, but now will try on the strength of your mostly
    fine endorsement.

    Dee and I are with yu on the flautas as La Stacione for sure.


  3. I like their chilaquiles but have been less than impressed with some of the other items there. It seems I have been able to find one or two good dishes at every Mexican place in town though, with the exception of El Palmar, where I have liked every single thing I have tried there.

  4. @ZEP - you have assumed correctly - that's My Guy :)

    @Jeff - I have to check out El Palmar soon. Have heard so many great things!