Thursday, March 19, 2015

Qdoba: Bacon Jalepeno Queso - Ole!

I was contacted by Qdoba last month and made aware of a new queso that they planned to unveil in March. I was pretty excited seeing as my favorite thing on the Qdoba menu is the three-cheese nachos! When I was told the queso had bacon and jalepenos in it, I knew this was right up my guys alley. So we stopped at Qdoba on the day the new queso launched.

We stopped in and I chose the three cheese nachos and asked or the bacon jalepeno queso with chicken. My guy went for a chicken burrito and also got the bacon jalepeno queso.

I love the Qdoba really let's you customize exactly what you want the entire way through the building process. Nothing goes in it without checking with you first. Truly customized.

Qdoba also has the fancy touch-screen beverage machines that allow you to not just get lemonade, but maybe add cherry or raspberry filling to it. Because my guy and I are both not drinking soda during Lent, I chose raspberry lemonade and he chose Orange Hi-C (total flashback to McDonald's birthday parties!)

We sat down at a booth and looked at all the glorious food in front of us. I always ask for the chips on the side because I don't like when the chips start to get soggy.
And then we dug in.

The queso definitely has a kick, but it's delicious. It's probably my new favorite cheese. There is just enough bacon and jalepeno flavor but it doesn't overwhelm. My guy thought it was great on his burrito. Eventually I needed an extra side of sour cream to dull the jalepeno a little more on my nachos, but remember I do have more sensitive buds :)

I also saw they have a new savory smother for the smothered burritos and Quesomole that sounds like something I will have to try really soon. We couldn't be that glutinous and try it all at once! 
We left with very happy bellies and we both finished all our food. It was really, really good and I hope you have a chance to try it soon.

Roaring Forks (Qdoba) provided me compensation for a post featuring their product, but the review is my own honest opinion of the product.

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