Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Golden Gate Restaurant

Golden Gate is a hidden gem in Waukesha that won Top 10 Chinese Restaurants in America Award in 2010. I had the food once as take out that someone else picked up. But recently my guy and I decided to go there for dinner and eat at the restaurant.

It's located off of Racine Avenue & the 164/59 bypass in a strip mall that houses an antique mall and a few other businesses. When you walk in, the bar is to the left and the dining area is to the right. The dining side is decorated in traditional Chinese decor. We were seated at a table and greeted by our friendly server. She gave us a few moments to find some drinks to enjoy.

I chose a "Virgin's Dilemma" made with fruit juice, rum and peach schnapps. It was very sweet but delicious. 
We decided to go all out, as I typically do with Chinese food and because my guy has never had Crab Rangoon so we ordered that as an appetizer. It was spectacular! The triangles were perfectly fried and there was plenty of crab meat mixed into the cream cheese filling. I made my guy a fan of these which is awesome!

For our main course, I ordered the sweet and sour chicken which was presented on a large plate with fried chicken, green peppers, maraschino cherries, sesame seeds and plenty of sauce. Each piece of chicken was nice and crispy; the sweet and sour was unique and probably a more traditional sauce than what I get at the take out places. The sauce was a little thinner and had just a hint of sweet.
My guy ordered Kung Pao Shrimp from the Hunan and Schezwan menu. He had the option to order it mild, medium or hot and he chose medium - he likes a kick to his food. His meal came on a very large platter too. I sampled a few bites of it, and the shrimp was cooked perfectly. But it was a little too spicy for my buds to handle. He really enjoyed the meal and we both had leftovers to take home.

After our meals were packed up, our server brought us fortune cookies and almond cookies to enjoy after the meal. I liked the almond cookies and it brought me memories of a trip to the International Folk Fair when I was in grade school. These tasted almost the same as the ones from back then.

As we left, I took a look inside their display case and saw all sorts of awards that the restaurant has won. This place is quite the hidden gem as I don't hear too much chatter about it in Waukesha - but it has a steady following - the parking lot is always full. They also put on some demonstrations and a big Chinese New Year celebration complete with traditional dances in the parking lot.

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