Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Downtown Waukesha - Don't Fear the Construction

I took a walk around downtown yesterday on my lunch and took a few pictures. The snow is melting and they are predicting 40s and 50s for the next few days. I'm excited to see all the snow melt!

As I headed over the river on one of the bridges, I couldn't help but notice the right side of the river looks like winter and the left looks like Fall. Come on sunshine, melt that snow and bring us some greenery!

Downtown Waukesha is going to need its faithful followers now more than ever to help share the word that everything is still open despite the construction. Bring your friends and family and don't be discouraged that the roads are under construction. Last year it was Clinton and Main - this year (and into next year) it's the rest of Main Street. But have no fear, businesses are open and you can get to them rather easily.

Here is an article from about the construction and a timeline.

Sidewalks are still open and a lot of businesses on the north side of Main Street have back entrances as well. Those on the south side do not, but I know the city has taken that into account and will make sure that people can get to those businesses as much as possible. There is no getting around this construction - it is necessary and when finished, I'm sure it will bring us an even better downtown.

I walked up from the Riverfront Road to Main Street between the Main Street Apartments and the Antique store. This will definitely see a lot more use during the construction as it's a way to get from behind the businesses to Main Street. And it's a pretty walk as well.

Next I saw that the old Jackson's is having some Time Warner/Road Runner assistance today. I hope that means its nearing it's new opening. I'm so excited for this restaurant to open. My parents loved Mia Famiglia in Hales Corners and this will be the same family.
South Street is going to be alive with new renters in the Prairieville Apartments this summer. The skywalk is in and work was going steadily in the parking garage and units when I walked by. 

Next up I walked down Grand to Main Street and couldn't help notice these two brightly painted buildings on Broadway. What a welcome site for Spring! Burlap & Lace opened a clothing and accessories store to compliment their other shop on Grand. 

I turned left at the five points and headed down Main Street.I couldn't help but notice the large diggers in the road. But I believe I read they are already ahead of schedule!

I turned left onto Clinton and then right on Wisconsin. I noticed this sign helping guide people into the Maple Street lot. This lot is behind Couri insurance and the other main street businesses and is often forgotten. I think it's going to get plenty of use. This entrance is on Wisconsin, just west of Clinton. 
I walked down Wisconsin to Maple and took a closer look at the construction. It's only between Maple and Main Street currently, so you can get to the Clinton lot from Main Street at this time. You can also access this lot from Clinton Street by Hannon's Pub. This lot goes behind a lot of the businesses on Main Street and these businesses do have back entrances from this lot.
In the Clinton lot is a bridge that goes over the Fox River and connects to the Waukesha State Bank employee lot. I believe during business hours, the lot is only for employees, but after hours and on weekends, you can park in this lot.

I also found this map on the City of Waukesha website that shows how many spots are in each lot. Plenty of options when Main Street doesn't allow for street parking. 

So let's not be afraid of the construction and let's embrace it and I'll see you in downtown!

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