Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Easy Peasy Fruit Tarts

With Valentine's Day coming up next weekend, I wanted to share with you an easy treat that is quick to make and delicious. Besides baking the cookies and chopping the fruit, we let my guys' girls do the rest of the work to make these gems. 

It was my guy's birthday was a few weeks ago and he decided he wanted to spend some quality time with his daughters while he had them that weekend. I suggested that we work together to cook a wonderful meal and he could pick out what he wanted to eat. 

From my new cookbook "SkinnyTaste," he chose the Oven-Fried Chicken. I suggested garlic mashed potatoes and steamed vegetables to go with it and he loved that idea. More on that crispy, juicy chicken and mashed potatoes in a future post.

I then showed my guy the world that is Pinterest and my dessert board. He wanted to pick a treat the girls could easily help make. He scrolled and scrolled until he came upon a recipe for fruit tarts (or mini fruit pizzas) and it was decided that was the perfect dessert. 

Because we wanted four fruits used on the tarts, I let each girl, my guy and myself each pick our favorites. Kiwis, raspberries, mandarin oranges and blackberries were chosen. Unfortunately the grocery store didn't have any kiwis so green grapes were used in place. 

To keep the recipe efficient, I bought pre-made sugar cookie dough and while the girls were watching a little TV with their dad, I popped the cookies on a pan and baked them off. My guys oldest helped with making the "frosting" for the tarts by using the electric mixer to "whip it good!" And because our cookies were smaller, I chopped each piece of fruit on half to make them fit. Then it was time to assemble.

Take a cookie and slather it with as much frosting as you like. 

Then take a piece of each fruit and decorate the top. 

It's really that simple and his girls got pretty creative with it. 

We made 24 cookies in total - check out those masterpieces! We put the tarts in the fridge while we ate dinner, which by the way everyone loved! Then it was time to sing my guy Happy Birthday and have a treat!
He ate one from each girl, and then maybe a few more later that night. And maybe that was breakfast the next morning too! They were really good and the cookie was a bit softer the second day.
This recipe called for shortbread cookies, but we used sugar cookies instead. I think this recipe could be something to try with the Shortbread cookies I just bought from my guy's oldest daughter who is a girl scout.Also, we had a lot of extra frosting. We didn't skimp on the tarts either. My guy ended up buying more cookies and brought all the ingredients to my house later that week for an after dinner treat for us.

We all really enjoyed the tarts and it made for a very memorable birthday for my guy!

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