Thursday, February 5, 2015

Cafe de Arts Lunch Date

My guy works for a financial institution and gets extra postal holiday days off throughout the year. This allowed us to have lunch together on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day last month. Because of its proximity to my job, and the fact that my guy had not been there yet, we went to Cafe de Arts.

I cannot say enough nice words about Ayhan, his wife and the staff of Cafe de Arts. No matter how busy they are, which is all the time, they stop what they are doing for a moment and say hi to everyone that comes in. It's that extra step of customer service that really sets them ahead of the pack.

We chose a small table with comfy wingback chairs by the front window. Menus were brought to us and I ran down a quick list of my favorites to my guy. I always have a tough time deciding because everything is consistently delicious!

I went for one of my faves, the chicken Caesar salad, and my guy chose something I had never tried before, The Fauve, a breakfast sandwich. It came highly recommended by the owner :)

While we waited for our lunch, I explained to my guy that the interior was recently painted and looks great. The warm wall colors were replaced with a refreshing blue. The owners really have a knack for design and it shows with the mural concepts inside and on the outside of the building. 
Our lunches soon arrived and looked splendid. The thing that makes the chicken Caesar salad my favorite is the perfectly grilled, juicy chicken. Just the right amount of dressing coats the salad but doesn't take away from the other flavors. Excellent croutons and Parmesan cheese complete the salad. The crusty roll with butter on the side is top notch too!
My guys sandwich was presented with a gorgeous and refreshing side of strawberries and apples atop lettuce with light dressing. The sandwich itself was a revelation in the words of my guy - something he would have never thought would go together and it did. I tried a bite and was pleasantly surprised I could taste each flavor. Just a small amount of jelly added sweetness and the warm egg and bacon made the peanut butter creamier. The egg was also cooked perfectly to my liking.

We were both really big fans of our lunch and left full but not stuffed. I couldn't finish my salad but ate up every bit of chicken and croutons I could find.

Although neither my guy or myself are coffee drinkers, the way the place smelled of fresh brewed coffee made us feel energized and happy. My coworkers grab coffee regularly on there way into work and rave about it. He sells the roasted beans by the pound as well and has a small selection of other coffee related merchandise.

This is definitely worth a stop for a cup of joe on your way into work, breakfast or lunch, or just to to have a drink with a friend and catch up. Many people also hold small meetings or do work at one of the tables while enjoying a drink and eat. The place is very conducive for those purposes. They are only open through lunch and then they begin roasting the coffee for the next day so get there early in order to enjoy!

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  1. I love this place!! I always stock up on coffee beans when I'm in Waukesha. The owners are wonderful people. I travel to Waukesha every summer, from Michigan, and Cafe de Arts is always my first stop. It's the only place I go to for my latte's and the wonderful food they serve.