Thursday, January 15, 2015

Winter Janboree

Happy Birthday Waukesha Janboree - January 16-18, 2015

The Waukesha Janboree has been a tradition for Waukesha and area residents for 30 years! This winter festival brings together all sorts of activities into one great weekend. I'm not sure how many of the events I'm going to be able to attend but I know I'll hear and see a few of them.

The event kicks off on Friday at 3 pm with the opening ceremonies that include fireworks. Living on the north side of Waukesha now, I heard the fireworks and didn't put it together until after the show was done. I'm hoping that maybe we will see them this year. Fireworks are at 8 pm in Lowell Park.

Saturday and Sunday are full of activities and one of my favorites is the ice sculpting contest. The pieces of ice are put around downtown Waukesha and local artisans have 4 hours to create something fantastic from their piece of ice. It's a 300 lb. block of ice. These will then stay in downtown for a week, depending weather.

Another great event is the "Arctic Avalanche," or in easier to understand terms, the 350 ft. toboggan runs at Lowell Park. This runs each day of the Janboree and is always a blast. I'm not sure the cost to rent the toboggan, but I have heard it could be free for the Janboree!

Other great family events include free ice skating at Eble and Naga-waukee parks, the Frosty 5k in Frame Park, a penguin egg hunt, bocce ball tournament and more!

Hope you have some free time this weekend to check out the Waukesha Janboree! The weather should be in the 30s so it won't be too cold to be out and about. Hope you can attend!

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