Tuesday, January 27, 2015

The Old Fashioned

Before my love of wine and microbrews pulled me away from the ‘hard stuff’, there was a time in my early- to mid-twenties that I thought I was being super fancy by ordering Southern Comfort Old Fashioned Sweets with cherries at restaurants or during happy hour.  I really liked the taste of them and thought they paired well with everything.

Then, like I said, I began to drink wine and microbrews almost exclusively. Maybe I would have a vodka lemonade in the summer, but to me, a nice cold beer would really hit the spot, too.

My guy's signature cocktail that he likes is a Whiskey Old Fashioned Sour. I have never liked dark liquors (except SoCo and a brief stint with Captain) and Whiskey has been one that I always thought was way too harsh.

Recently, my guy and I had a night in at his place and he decided to have a few cocktails. I suggested he make me one (light on the Whiskey) to see if I would like it. After all, he already got me to try buttered beets and eggnog, both of which weren’t half bad, so I figured, let's keep the streak going!

He demonstrates the creation in a video, but due to technical difficulties by the operator, I can't seem to get it off my phone and onto here. MY BAD!

So here goes - Take a tall glass and add one sugar cube to the bottom. Dash some bitters on top of the cube and then use a spoon to break up the sugar cube (FYI - the newer the sugar cube, the easier it is to crumble). Then add ice to the glass. Top that with Whiskey (1 - 1 1/2 oz) and then add a sour soda (Squirt, 50/50 - anyone remember Sour Pow'r?). Stir with a spoon until it gets nice and frothy. Serve with olives and enjoy!

I was pleasantly surprised with the outcome. Not that I am going to start enjoying Whiskey and Coke anytime soon, but the sour/whiskey combination helps to bring the sugar down in the drink and I didn't get too much "bite" from the whiskey.  Plus, the olives are a nice salty treat!

I definitely recommend trying this soon if you haven't before - perfect drink to help warm you up on these cold nights.

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