Friday, January 2, 2015

La Estacion Dinner

When you want Mexican food and you are in Waukesha, there are quite a few options. But the one that comes to mind first for me is La Estacion. It's the one that I have been to the most and has consistently delicious food.

My guy and I went there a few Fridays ago before the Art Crawl and we were pleasantly surprised that we got a table right away. The place was hopping with people, but the tables were being cleared quickly to get the next groups in.

They sat us in the main dining room and although the train cars are a great dining experience too, this time of year, they can be a little chilly, so I liked our spot. Our server greeted us quickly and brought over some chips, salsa and water for us to start on while we mulled over the menu.

I am a character of habit and like to get the same types of Mexican food (but at different restaurants). La Estacion's flautas are my favorite in town so I ordered those with chicken. I couldn't remember if I usually ordered the corn or flour tortillas so I went with corn and my guy ordered the shrimp fajitas with corn shells.

We also ordered margaritas - raspberry blended for me and a regular on the rocks for my guy. 

While our meals were being prepared, we munched on the chips and salsa - probably something I love a lot about Mexican restaurants is that fact that they make fresh chips and salsa for my dining pleasure. Homemade chips are the best! And we sipped our drinks....they make them strong at La Estacion!

The food came out pretty quickly and smelled amazing. As soon as my plate was put in front of me, I knew I wouldn't be able to eat it all: four stuffed flautas with lettuce, tomatoes and sour cream on top, rice, beans and scrumptious guacamole on the side.

My guy's fajitas came with enough plates and dishes to feed a family of 6. The poor dishwasher has so much extra work from all the fajita lovers. Sizzling shrimp, onions and peppers came on a metal plate and the smell was actually mouth-watering. Then they dropped off the dinner plate, tortilla warmer, and rice, beans, lettuce, sour cream, and guacamole on another plate.

And then we dug in. My flautas were great, but after biting in, I rememberd that I like flour tortillas better for them. These were really crunchy and more like taquitos - still really great. The chefs at La Estacion know how to season their meats to make them plenty tasty without overpowering the dish. I then sampled a shrimp from my guy's plate and WOW - it was spectacular, and just the perfect tender texture for scrumptious shrimp. And the fajita sauce was PHENOMENAL. My guy wants me to learn how to make it so I think this might be one of my next copycat recipes to try. We both couldn't get over how good it was.

There wasn't a scrap of shrimp left on his plate, but he too agreed that next time he would get flour tortillas. Heck, skip the tortillas and just eat the shrimp!

I told him that I have enjoyed La Estacion's brunch with my friend Tiffany and that for the buffet, there is also a shrimp station among other scrumptious eats, and it was really good then. So basically if you want amazingly flavored, perfectly cooked shrimp, you need to go to La Estacion in Waukesha! Not to mention great drinks, specials and a fun atmosphere.

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