Monday, December 8, 2014

Supporting, Cooking, Shopping & Zoo-ing - All in a Weekend

Wow - what a whirlwind weekend this was for me but 100% fun and enjoyable too! It went by way too fast as most weekends do, but here is a quick recap.

It started Thursday with Good Friend Inc.'s Holiday Open House to show off the new digs. Quality Fireplace purchased a building on North Grand Ave. in Waukesha and Good Friend Inc. is renting the bottom of the building for their offices. Finally brick and mortar for the non-profit!!!

Using the term fixer-upper doesn't justify the time and effort put into making "Lady Grand" what she is today. The house was in complete disrepair with water damage and more, and what the team did to make this building what it is today, is purely remarkable. They worked with the Historical Society of Waukesha to keep it a historical site in the city and show off the building's amazing features. A Facebook page was created for the progress on the home and I'm absolutely amazed with the amazing work done to make "her" who she is today.

Original fireplace

Parlor all decorated for the holidays

Amazing appetizers by Jolanta and team :)

Friday night consisted of watching Frozen finally (great flick, very cute), and packaging up goodies or the #mkefoodies Cookies for Kids Cancer Bake Sale. The sale was a HUGE success and we were almost sold out in 1 1/2 hours. We definitely want to have more bakers next year, so if you are interested and want to donate to this great organization, I will gladly deliver your cookies to them. Just let me know if you are interested :)

Oreo Cream Brownies - more on these later this week
Applesauce gum drops - more on these later this week

#mkefoodies bake sale goodies
Saturday I worked the bake sale in the afternoon and then met up with my guy for dinner and some holiday shopping at the Art Crawl in downtown Waukesha. Although he has lived in the city for a while, he isn't too familiar with all the downtown shops, so after dinner at La Estacion that he described as PHENOMENAL (more on that later), we hit up the Art Crawl.
La Estacion Raspberry Margarita

It was so cute seeing the horse carriage around downtown and we made stops at Allo! Chocolat, Poppin' on Broadway, Picky Picky Resale Shop and Antiques & Uniques on Main. I helped my guy put together a great gift basket of goodies from downtown Waukesha for him to give to his parents that are from out of town. We would have shopped more, but we were both pretty tired from the day.

We started the next day bright and early (OK.....9 am because I wanted to be a little lazy) and grabbed a satisfying breakfast at Broadway Cafe in Waukesha. Another hit for us that I will share about at a later time.
Broadway Cafe Texas French Toast
Then it was off to the Milwaukee County Zoo. The zoo is open year round and yesterday there weren't too many folks on the grounds. This allowed us to see everything we wanted too and enjoy a nice walk on a brisk December day. So much has changed at the zoo, but some things really brought back the nostalgia for me. These monkeys all cuddling together were just too cute to not get a picture.

And I found Nemo in his anemonnemonee (saying that just how Nemo did in the movie!). I didn't find Dory so they can continue production on the movie.
I think the last time I was at the zoo was 9 years ago when the Big Cats area was being redone. That area looks great now, but the giraffe area is really awesome. Before it had leaves painted on the walls that the giraffes would lick and it was all glassed in. Now it's gorgeous with beautiful wood and it's open with just wires dividing us from the giraffes. I have always been fascinated by them and glad they have a great new facility. Hopefully the hippos & rhinos will get a redone home soon; it's looking quite dated.
 The little guy in this pic was so playful and adorable. I wanted to take him home.
There was no Packer game yesterday, so it was a great day to swing through the zoo and get some exercise and fresh air. The trains weren't running anymore for the season, or that would have totally made my year! But the whole trip made me quite sleepy and I needed a nap while watching a movie.

Next weekend I have more fun planned because I am helping my mom prep for her big Christmas party that is the next weekend and I'm going to see Tim Hawkins at River Glen Christian Church. He is a hilarious and clean comedian and I'm so excited to see him live.

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