Monday, December 29, 2014

Party Eats & Treats!

Today the Packers played a nerve-wracking game against the "dirty-playing" Lions. Though Aaron Rodgers went out early with an injury, he came back for the second half and (despite getting stepped on) threw some great passes for a Packers NFC North Championship WIN!

I invited my friends over and together we made a great buffet of eats. 

I made a large crockpot of sloppy joes. I used 3 lbs of locally sourced meat. My parents bought half a cow from Salentine Farms in Big Bend. It was processed at Sorg's in Fort Atkinson.

I browned it off, drained off the grease and added sloppy joe mix, carrots, celery, onion, worchestershire sauce, garlic powder and a bit of sirracha for a kick.(I don't think I added enough, but I was worried about over spicing it and then no one would like it). I served it on King's Hawaiian rolls and it was well received. I had very little left at the end of the game.

I also made Hissy Fit Dip, a big hit at my Super Bowl party last year. This pic is of the mixing stage but it's gooey, creamy, deliciousness when warmed up. I served it with carrots, celery, pretzels and tortilla chips. This was almost completely gone at the end of the game and people even enjoyed it on the sandwiches. I even just grabbed some Sloppy Joes (not on a bun) and then drizzled some of this dip over it and ate it with tortilla chips. I did really like it with carrot slices.

Other dishes that were brought to share included Oreo ball truffles, salsa, spinach dip, party potatoes (similar recipe) roasted cauliflower and lots of drinks.

Did you know in some states Party Potatoes are called Funeral Potatoes?? How odd! Party Potatoes is a much nicer name!

I made a fire in my fireplace to increase the ambiance and it was a nice touch! I love my fireplace, even though I only burn Duraflame-type logs in it. 
And we were even visited by two puppies - my friend Chris brought them over and the youngest is a lover of all things lap related. They were both very well behaved and helped bring that Packer win.

The next time the Packers play is on January 11 at noon. I'm not sure I'll be hosting as I have a work obligation that morning. But you better believe I will be watching it somewhere and eating some great tasting food!

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