Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Broadway Cafe

Sunday morning, my guy and I got up early to take on the day (ok using that word "early" loosely - he was up early and I wanted to sleep in). But we were out the door by 9 am and off to breakfast before our trip to the Milwaukee County Zoo. We picked Broadway Cafe in Waukesha.

I hadn't checked out this place since it changed names and reopened and now I see they have even added a patio portion to the front of the building. My coworkers went right after it opened and said the food was great but seemed they were still working on timing and such as the service was slow. But that happens a lot when a restaurant just opens so I won't hold it against it.

We walked in and were greeted immediately by a nicely dressed man that took us to a booth by the window. We were promptly welcomed by our server and she was great! More on that later.

They serve breakfast all day, but had a "Specials Menu" as well for Sunday. I chose the Texas-Style French Toast and my guy went with the Gyro Omelet. Our server was extremely informative on the menu items and asked us all the necessary questions and kept it light and fun. We joked a bit with her and she responded to it well.

The food came out pretty quickly. My French Toast was definitely Texas-sized! And it was just as delicious as it looked. Just the right amount of egg and toasting on it. I put some butter between the pieces to melt and then a little syrup. I ordered sausage on the side as a treat to myself as I never make them at home. They were pretty tasty too.

My guy's omelet was huge - filled the whole plate and came with hasbrowns (other option was square potatoes) and Sourdough toast (white and wheat were the other options). It came with Greek tzatziki sauce on the side, plenty of gyro meat and feta cheese inside. I tried some of the gyro meat and it was very flavorful. My guy labeled the meal as very satisfying!

We both agreed that we would definitely return. The service was really great and the food was pretty tasty. 

We left with very full bellies and I took half my French Toast home. My guy almost finished his omelet but decided not to overstuff himself.

Then it was off of the Milwaukee County Zoo. I hadn't been to the zoo in years and it was great to see all the animals. The zoo wasn't crowded so we got to pick and choose what we wanted to see and not worry about lines at all. It was a little chilly and a few areas were closed, but it was still a nice walk and great to reminisce my childhood. 

And I was even stalked by a cheetah - I am so glad I got it on video. Enjoy!

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