Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Simpsons/Family Guy Party

My friend is a lover of all things Simpsons and we had a party for the 500th episode a few years ago. It included him decking out his place with all of his memorabilia and food based on the show. I helped with the food portion and helped with the Krusty Burgers, Squishies, free goo, donuts and Duff Beer. It was a blast as you can see from the pictures.

Well it was time again for another Simpsons party, but this time it was because of the Simpsons/Family Guy crossover episode. Another one of my friends is a huge Family Guy fan so we decided to have the party. The two friends were in charge of decorations this year and I just had to bring beer labels for both brands of beer - Duff and Patriot Ale. 

I scored this huge oversized Homer cutout from a Facebook group and my friend gladly paid me back for it.

He limited his memorabilia this time because it wasn't held at his house. Unfortunately Family Guy memorabilia isn't as easy to come by as Simpsons so there wasn't much except the Wacky Waving Inflatable Arm Flailing Tubeman in the front yard and the hosts dressing up as the lead characters.
Lois and Peter Griffin

More party decor and one with me not being the hostess and actually enjoying a Duff beer with Bart!

 We again had Krusty Burgers and Squishies along with plenty of other yummy eats.
 We even had donuts again!

 The episode was actually written by the Family Guy creators with the Simpsons joining them. So it was a little different - not horrible but glad I watched it. I'm not an avid viewer of either but do enjoy helping with the themed party things.
 After the meal and watching the show, we got into some heated games of spoons. If you have never played with the competitive friends that I have, you haven't seen evil spawn from them when they win a round and get a spoon over someone else. It's all in fun, but we can get highly competitive.

 After spoons I was surprised by my friends with a cake for my birthday. They all sang and I almost burnt the house down with all the dang candles because I'm getting so old. It was a really sweet gesture and I am forever grateful for them thinking of me.
Another successful themed party with scrumptious eats, great drinks and fun games with friends.

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