Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Waxing Girl Studio

Up until three years ago, I never touched my eyebrows with anything more than an occasional tweeze to get rid of a few strays trying to create a unibrow on my face. But while getting my hair done, I was offered a  brow wax and shaping while my hair was all foiled up. I went for it and I'm glad I did.

I now understand what defined eyebrows can really do for a face. I didn't keep up on it with professional help and just tried to do my best at home. But again, they have gotten a bit wild!

I received an email from Waxing Girl Studio's owner who had found my blog and wondered if I was interested in checking her place out. I had been struggling to keep my unruly brows in the same shape and was needing to spend time penciling them in every day. If I didn't, I look like I don't have brows (see examples below) The hair on my head is now a natural dark brown (although I do dye it to add more red to it), but the brows, arm and leg hairs are still much lighter.

Where are my brows? 
Another example - looks like I'm brow-less! 
Pamela, the owner of Waxing Girl Studio, and I exchanged a few emails back and forth and I scheduled an appointment for brow shaping and a discussion of tinting them, though I was really nervous about that part.

Waxing Girl Studio is a brand new establishment in Hartland. The studio has two private waxing rooms in addition to the cute retail area. When I stopped in, she had officially only been open for six days but said things were going really well for her already!

Before opening Waxing Girl, Pamela and her husband had an antique shop and when Pamela decided she wanted to open this studio, she brought some of her best antique finds with her to make the shop one of a kind.
Check out this register! 

Love the chandelier!
So a bit more about my appointment, Pamela took me into the waxing room and laid me down flat on a massage table. She cleaned the brow area first and then asked me about tinting my brows. I said to go light on the color and it took all of like 10 seconds to dye them. And I am a big fan of how they turned out. Eyebrow coloring doesn't last as long as hair dye because eyebrows fall out quickly.

Then she shaped my brows. I don't mind my brows size on my face, but I just wanted them to be even and get rid of any randoms. Pamela is such a pro and knew exactly what to do for me. In about three minutes, she had my brows back to what a normal person should have.

She then rubbed cold stones on my brows to help with the redness and some Witch Hazel oil. She was going to put on Vitamin C, but I am allergic, so we just did the oil instead. And then she applied some powder to also cover any redness. I have to say this was the most calming experience for this Nervous Nelly and I will definitely go to her in the future for shaping and tinting.

Here is the direct aftermath of the brows and I am really liking them.
 One week later

 Still loving them.

From the website:
Pamela Reinemann Cosmetologist, and CIDESCO trained Esthetician. Pamela has been working in the esthetics field since 1999 and has been a cosmetologist since 1990 in California and since 1999 in Wisconsin.

From further discussion with her at the shop, waxing is something that Pamela truly enjoys and considers herself an excellent 'Brazillian waxer.' Personally I don't think I'm ready to go there, but I know of other friends that have had that done and it can be hard to find someone that does it well. So I will recommend her to all of you for any of your waxing needs. She provides to both female and male clientele. 

Waxing Girl Studio provided me the services free of charge. Although it was free, the review is my own honest opinion of the experience. 

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