Thursday, October 30, 2014

Saturday: A Cooking Day

If you follow me on Facebook, you already know that I spent a Saturday cooking up a storm in my house to get meals set for myself for the week.

I had a lot of ingredients to use up in my house and started cleaning out my freezer. I had things in there I didn't even remember buying but am glad that I did.

Every good soup starts with some onions and this Broccoli Cheese was no exception. I found it via Pinterest and decided to try it out. 
 I deviated from the recipe slightly in that I used Half & Half instead of Heavy Cream and added carrots and ham for more flavor. This turned out wonderful!
Then I started organizing my cookbooks and found a recipe for an acorn squash and sweet potato soup. I didn't have acorn squash but had a leftover part of a butternut squash that I needed to do something with. Into the oven with a little EVOO and I roasted those up with  scallions and garlic.

 I had never roasted squash in my oven before and it definitely adds another layer of flavor to the soup. I brought some for lunch today and can't wait to have it.
 Then it was time to make gyro meat in the crockpot. I found the lamb that I bought a few months back and realized now was as good a time as any to cook this up. So simple and the crockpot basically does all the work. Again this recipe was found via Pinterest, but I specifically hunted this one down after having these at a friends.
After two hours in the crockpot, I got a tortilla ready with a cucumber dill greek yogurt dip, pilled on the tomatoes and meat, topped with lettuce and feta cheese and was in business!

It was just as delicious as I remember.

 I also found a packet of Pesto mix that I forgot about. After making it the deliciously fatty way with butter and oil, I saw that you can sub any amount of butter you choose for water to lighten it up. Oh well, you only live once right? It was really tasty and coated my noodles nicely. I had enough for two meals with this and could take some to work then.

 As you can see, all my containers are ready to go for the week - 4 containers or Squash soup, 2 large containers or Broccoli Cheese soup and the chunk of Gyro meat - this girl is set.

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