Thursday, October 23, 2014

Netflix Update

I still haven't gotten cable in my condo and I think I actually like the fact that I'm not glued to my TV to watch the most current shows. I catch up online or on Netflix when I have time.

So here is an update on shows I have watched on Netflix:

Chuck - recommended by my friend Tory and tho comically cheesy at times, I became a big fan. And the lead girl's name is Sarah! (Zachary Levi was so cute and geeky - Loved him)

House of Cards - this season was darker than last so it took a bit more for me to stay with it this time but excited for next season. 

Orange is the New Black - Completely and totally binge-watched the 2nd season. This was another amazing season and will waiting as patiently as I can for Season 3.

Scandal - I'm caught up except for the current season. I am a fan!

Friday Night Lights- Also recommended by Tory - I LOVE LOVE LOVED THIS SHOW. It's from the creators of Parenthood so duh! It's a heart tugger. I'm sad it was cancelled yet I never watched it when it was actually on. Clear Eyes, Full Hearts - that's all I have to say!  (Zach Gilford - super crush on this guy!)

Sons of Anarchy - I am on season 5 and had to take a break. It's really intense and its hard to believe bike clubs can do what this one does. It's almost like there are too many killings going on to keep me wanting to watch. I just heard a spoiler tho, so I'll have to watch the next to find out what happened. (Charlie Hunnam = yummy!) 

Prison Break - stumbled across this one and decided to give it a try. Wentworth Miller has perfected the whisper talk and I lost interest for a few episodes but I would be a liar if I said I didn't cry thru the last few episodes. I became attached to the characters so that's a sign of a good show to me. 

Up next:
Once Upon A Time - I used to watch this regularly and then without a DVR, it's hard to keep up, so I'm catching up now. 

Sherlock- recommended to me by a reader and I trust their suggestion so I'll give it a shot. 

Weeds - so much talk about the show I have to try it. 

Friends - New Years Day 2015 it comes to Netflix. can I just say "Pivot!" And "could I BE anymore excited?"

Not on Netflix I am watching Chicago Fire, (Leiutenant Casey is a hottie!) The Biggest Loser and Parenthood on

I did get my Nintendo NES (yes we are talking 80s version) hooked up to my TV this week so there may be a little delay in the show catchup because I want to beat Dr. Mario and Mario Bros. 3 again!
Made it from Level 1 - 18 on my first try in probably 3 years!

Still remembered all the hidden things playing this for the first time in years!

So that's the update! I'll gladly take other suggestions you may have and if there are any current shows I need to make time for, let me know. 

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