Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Boscos Social Club

When I think of bars that I want to go to for a beer or cocktail in a fun atmosphere, Boscos Social Club almost always pops in mind right away. This place has been in downtown Waukesha since 2011 and has been constantly evolving and changing.

I actually went to college (and hung out on occasion) with the owner Jimmy and am glad that he stayed local and has opened two businesses in town (Spurs Saloon)

This building housed a lot of different bars before Boscos, but I never frequented those.  I believe the best addition they made to the place is the awesome "backyard." They have three covered outdoor patios with large flatscreens to watch all the major sporting events on. There is even a heat lamp for the colder nights. They also have an area of uncovered chairs and tables, a tree, an outdoor bar (so you don't have to go back inside) and an area for bags and other yard games to be played. The entire area is strung with bistro lights, making it a very fun and inviting atmosphere.

Recently, they tore down a raised seating area inside the bar to make it more accessible for larger crowds and put in a wall length booth seat with tables and fancy chairs for a lounge feel. I love the cool light fixtures they have in the bar.

There are a few hightop tables that can be moved for when they have a DJ and want to dance the night away.

The bar also boasts a digital jukebox, dart boards and the "dog wall" - my favorite. They have a wall covered in pictures of dogs that are framed up.

The selection of alcohol and beer is very extensive and something is on special every day! The bar even has two Shot-ski's hanging behind it but I haven't seen those used yet.

They offer free popcorn to the customers as well, which we enjoyed on a Sunday afternoon recently.

And they really out do themselves for seasonal decorations every year. Halloween is the one I see that they go to the extreme. But I have also seen Christmas, Valentine's Day, St. Patty's Day, Easter and more.

We have made this a destination for a few Halloween Pub Crawls through town in recent years.

View out Boscos front window. 
Halloween decor at Boscos

Rumpelstiltskin with a crazy zombie behind him

Dexter and Robin Hood by the Boscos Bar

German guy and Personal ad playing a game at Boscos

They offer specials during Packer games and have Emil's pizza available for purchase too--I recommend the Cheeseburger pizza!

This is a bar that does draw the college age crowd and gets extremely busy in the later evenings. So if you don't like larger crowds, just come early! It's worth a stop to see what this place is all about. You won't be disappointed.

Boscos also recently opened Spurs Saloon on Williams Street in Waukesha - by La Estacion and Club 400. I haven't stopped in yet but I hope to soon and see how much the place has changed since my college days of it being Mulligans.

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  1. I like Bosco's because it caters to all generations of people and music. Perfect for downtown Waukesha.