Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Overheard - Vol. 2

Not sure if it's really bad ping pong game or beer pong going on at the bar, but the ladies are laughing and cheering no matter what. And sounds like everyone is having fun.  Labor Day should be a day for relaxing but I hope these folks have off tomorrow from what I'm hearing. Lol. Must be my old age but I'm only awake for other reasons. The clock chimes too early for me to be at a bar at this hour. No negativity tonight just hearing fun in the wee hours of a Tuesday morning and slightly jealous. 

Extra props to the brave soul/subdivision neighbor that lit off quite the firework tonight. I almost had a heart attack but it was really pretty to see that gold sphere light up north Waukesha's sky tonight. I don't recommend doing it on the regular but keep the neighbors guessing and do a few more throughout the year!  Please! 

I also want to take a second to recognize the real meaning of today and thank everyone that labors no matter what your skill set. Blue collar, white collar, retail, moms, dads, families and everyone in between--thank you for your skills and making America what it is today. I am proud of the country that I live in and hope that everyone feels the same about the opportunities provided to us.

Happy Labor Day Everyone! 

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