Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Easy Eggs

I'm not someone that typically picks eggs for breakfast. I like French Toast, Pancakes, Waffles - the carb-loaded dishes. But this past Sunday, I decided to get myself started on the right path and eat some quality protein and make some eggs.

Omelets, hard boiled and scrambled are the only ways I like my eggs. Runny yolks gross me out! So I cracked two of them in a bowl and added some milk. This gives fluffier eggs with a smoother texture. I add a little salt and pepper right at this point so it cooks into the eggs and I don't salt them after.

I was going to go for an omelet but then decided to be less fancy and add the veggies directly into the eggs. I started by chopping some green pepper and tomato up and then added that into the pan I planned to use for the eggs. A little EVOO spray from my MISTO and then added some spinach to that. I sauteed it all for just a few minutes - the spinach was wilting and the hard crunch from the veggies was gone. I put the veggies on the side and using the same pan and another squirt or two from my MISTO, I poured in the eggs over medium-high heat.

I let the eggs sit for just a minute and tehn start scraping around the pan. Once the eggs started to clump into their scrambled state, I added in the veggies. Then just a few flips around in the pan to make sure the eggs were cooked through and voila breakfast (almost done).

I put the eggs on a plate and sprinkled a little Romano cheese over the top and served with a side of toasted light wheat bread (ok I couldn't completely ignore the carbs that were screaming my name) and some four-berry jelly. This was a great breakfast. I only missed the butter on my toast slightly but I survived. I didn't need that extra bit of fat with all I had going on.

This filled me up for all of the morning and through the Packers game (sad loss). I didn't even realize I forgot to eat lunch until I headed out on my run and realized my body was very low on fuel. After three great miles on a new route I made, I came home and made a sandwich quickly to tide me over.

Later that night I made a big pot of Broccoli Potato Cheese soup and my 'whipper-doodle' broke. For those that don't know, my whipper-doodle is the name my mom came up with for the immersion blender and it stripped out. I would guess it's two years old now and used maybe a dozen times so I'm a little bummed that it died so soon. This one was mid-range in price, so I would hope that spending a little more is going to provide me one that will last a little longer! Luckily my birthday is right around my corner and I shared with my mom the devastation of the whipper-doodle's death and she thought that a new one would make a great present!


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