Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Simply Irresistible Catering: Italian Sausage Lasagna

A few weeks ago, I told you about Simply Irresistible Catering and their Take 'n Bake meals. I finally had time to make the Italian Sausage Lasagna and it did not disappoint.

The lasagna is very tall in the pan and could easily feed 4 people if not more. This is the half portion that feeds 2 - 3 typically. I didn't have anything on the side with my first piece and was pretty full after. It's loaded with food.

It did take a bit longer in my oven than the required time, but it had been in my freezer for quite some time, so it could have been super frozen. I still took the cover off at the hour mark and then saw the edges browning up nicely in 45 minutes.

It started to get a bit dark around the edges when the middle still wasn't changing, so I did cover it with foil for the last 15 minutes I cooked it for. I left it in for another 10 minutes and pulled it out piping hot.

The top gets nice and crispy with a cheese and herb crust. This was fabulous and probably my favorite layer of the lasagna. I want to know her combination :)

There was plenty of Italian sausage, cheese and sauce in the layers, but not overwhelming and it held it's form. Sometimes lasagnas end up a little runny from too much sauce or cheese (too much cheese, I know - it's a sin I said that). But this lasagna was excellent.

Great flavors in the Italian Sausage too - not too spicy, just the right amount of spice.

I would recommend some garlic bread or steamed vegetable on the side if you wanted to make the pan stretch farther. And it warms up just great in the microwave and satisfies those late night cravings after a night of dancing and drinking at your friends' wedding!

For just $10 for the half pan, this is a steal! I got some Blue Apron meals sent to me in the last week and although the flavors are great, $20 a dinner (10 per person) is a bit much for my wallet. And I don't know where the products are from or who makes them. Using Simply Irresistible, I have met the owner and had a great conversation with her and know that her meals are made right here in her downtown Waukesha shop and made with love!

I highly recommend you check her out and try a meal. I only have the carrots left and have a pork tenderloin with those carrot's name on it for later this week. And then I'm going to have to restock from her selections :)

What a perfect, easy meal to make for your family now that kids are going back to school. Or you just want to have something delicious and not tear apart your kitchen to make it. Her meals are worth it folks!

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