Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Healthy Living & Setting Goals

My weight hasn't always been an easy topic to talk about. In grade school I wasn't overweight, but I was an "athletic girl" and even throughout high school dancing on the very competitive Poms Squad, I was known for my powerful legs. Those legs did bring us a first place ribbon for an 'all-kick routine.'

I have never aspired to be a skinny super model but I always wanted to be comfy in my own skin. 

In my early 20s this came pretty easy and living with my cousin that was my same size proved beneficial. We ate the same meals and did workouts together so ultimately we had helped each other (and gained an additional closet of clothes!)

Soon my metabolism and laziness slowed down and I wasn't able to keep my weight so steady. I began to enjoy the bar scene lifestyle and eating out a bit too much. It's amazing how quickly those pounds can come on but they definitely don't come off that easy! 

I realized that hardwork and watching what I ate was the only way I would get back to where I felt good in my skin again. I joined Weight Watchers a few times and considered trying South Beach or the 48 Hour Hollywood diet, but in the end never committed to either of those. I joined a gym or two and never went regularly. Weight Watchers proved extremely beneficial when I was focused and worked at it.  But I will again blame laziness and a busy schedule in not being able to really make it work for me.
Weight is just a number provided by a scale, and regardless of it's accuracy, I am someone that tends to step on it regularly to see where I'm at. Sure this is a horrible habit, but I don't get mad when I'm up a bit, because I know, especially in females, weight can fluctuate a lot.

My main test is how my clothes fit; seeing the number on the scale go down is just a bonus. 

After traveling to Las Vegas in June (in which I had plenty of time to prep for the trip and didn't) and not being comfortable laying by the pool, I realized I really needed to do something before I was standing up in a wedding a few months later. Not only that, but even if I wasn't going to be in a million wedding photos, I still wanted to feel better in summer clothes and not embarrassed by my legs, butt and belly. 

I will 100% admit that I'm really good at planning things out on paper but my execution sucks. And I decided that needs to change.

I decided to take small steps and set really small goals. You always feel better when you can cross off more things on a list. For instance instead of writing a note that says Clean House, to me I feel more accomplished to break down the cleaning areas of the house that need to be done - kitchen, toilets, sweeping, and cross it off when each is complete.

My list started with a good day on the scale and realizing I was in a new weight decade (WW friends, you know what this means). I made a simple vow to myself to never see that decade again! (unless I am pregnant) That goal was started on June 25 and I am still holding to it and getting closer to another decade. 

Peanut Butter Banana Muffins - no oil or butter added!
Besides just stepping on the scale and hoping for the best, my next small goals are to walk more (when I can't go for a run) and watch my portion sizes.
Sausage Run 2014

I have been really good at watching the junk that I take in and literally don't take in much at all anymore. I don't feel good after eating junky food, so I don't really crave it much anymore. However, I will overindulge in a portion size of something healthier and that can add up too if you aren't careful.
Simply Irresistible Catering - Take n Bake meals

This is something that I am going to work at for the rest of my life, but I am lucky that I am not too picky of an eater and can enjoy just about anything, so I shouldn't get stuck in a food rut. But I think that before the time I am 35, I want to run a half marathon and not finish last. That is a mighty goal, that I understand is very intimidating, but I think that I have plenty of time to get myself ready for this and really get going.
Greek Chicken Salad

"It takes 4 weeks for you to notice your body changing, 8 weeks for your friends and 12 weeks for the rest of the world. Give it 12 weeks. Don't Quit!"

I'm not sure who came up with that quote, but it has definitely come true for me. My mom complimented me, my bridal dress was big and needed to be taken in again and I felt comfortable at the wedding celebrating with everyone and not feeling like the "fat" bridesmaid there to ruin all the pictures. 

With the Bride - Aug, 2014
The best compliment came from my boyfriend when after not seeing me for a few days said "You look like you have lost a sh*t ton of weight!" Sure not the classiest sentence that can come out as a compliment, but no guy is perfect as we all know ladies. 
The lovely Bridesmaids enjoying the fire after the wedding!

All of these things tell me that what I am doing is working and getting to where I thought I never could be again weight and fitness-wise is definitely possible.  

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