Friday, August 15, 2014

Greek Lettuce Wraps

While I'm trying to keep with the healthy eating and cut out unnecessary calories where I can, I find that lettuce wraps work great as a replacement for bread in certain types of sandwiches. I don't think a PB&J would taste so good on one, but chicken salad like the curry one from Sprizzo's, tuna salad (Like Steaming Cup has) and other chunkier sandwiches would work.

Lately I have come across an abundance of cucumbers and although I love making my cucumber salsa, it doesn't fair to well after making it (as in you need to eat it that day or the next or it gets squishy) and I don't want to get burned out on it.

So I decided to go Greek and made some lettuce wraps and Tzatziki sauce. 

This chicken is something I will never make the same way again as I just thew ingredients in the pan and hoped for the best. It was so juicy and flavorful...not necessarily Greek in flavor, but still delicious. 

Then I made Tzatziki sauce for the first time. I grabbed cucumbers, dill, yogurt, lemon juice, onion and garlic powders salt and pepper and put it all in my food processor. This is something I'll need to keep working at. The flavor was there but the consistency was a little too thin for my liking and I think I needed to process it longer.

I had a huge head if iceberg lettuce that I got on a great deal so I chopped up some more cucumbers, kalamata olives, tomatoes, a few slices of onion and the chicken and drizzled the Tzatziki over it all in a lettuce leaf. Then I just folded up the lettuce and bit in.

It was really delicious and even after eating 3 wraps, I felt contently full but not stuffed. I think the removal of the pita really helped me enjoy more of the fresh flavors and not get full so quickly.

The gyro I got at the Waukesha County Fair and Gyros West were way better but I'm not comparing apples to apples. Those were with lamb meat and on a pita. I would say for an easy option at home that saves a few calories, I made a solid meal, but I definitely would prefer lamb and both their Tzatziki sauces over mine. 

I have a great recipe from a friend for crockpot gyros combining lamb and ground turkey and forming it into a loaf. It's amazing and I can't wait to make that soon.

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