Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Simple Irresistible Catering

You know a company is utilizing social media properly when its posts drive you to make a purchase. This is the case for my sudden impulse to try Simple Irresistible Catering. Because of the business' activity on Facebook and Twitter, I was able to find out that in addition to catering small events, they offer "Take and Bake Meals" that you can order thru the website or come into the shop and grab-n-go.

I checked out the website and it took me a long time to slim my list down of what to try first. I got a half order of the stuffed meatballs, an order of the glazed carrots and a half order of the Italian sausage lasagna. I scheduled to pick them up 24 hours later at the shop and they were ready and waiting for me completely frozen in oven safe aluminum containers. Directions are right on the lid so you can't misplace them when you are ready to heat them up.

During my pickup, Megan, the owner, and I got to chatting a little bit and I found out even more about her ties to Waukesha and her love of food (which we obviously share!). She and her sister have worked at some of the downtown businesses and Megan decided to take the plunge and start up her own business in downtown because she loves the area. She has had great success with catering small custom events and her business is really growing by word of mouth and by those that have attended her events and are planning one of their own.

Ok - let's get into my food. I originally chose the meatballs to serve to my boyfriend and his boys but I just couldn't wait to try them. Sports and tournaments kept postponing our dinners together, and I was getting impatient on trying these, so I went for them all on my own.

I used my new oven to get these heated up and cooked some spaghetti while I waited for these to finish. The oven worked perfectly on convection and the directions were easy to follow and worked perfectly.

The meatballs are almost 2 inches in diameter and smelled heavenly when I pulled off the lid to finish cooking them. I couldn't wait to try her sauce as the only sauce I had on hand was "sugar free from a can." You can't really get more bland than that. I could see the chunky tomatoes in hers and you can see the spices and herbs in her sauce.

I plopped two meatballs on top of spaghetti and covered it with her sauce. I did add a bit more of my own, because I love sauce and then added a little Parmesan to top it all off.

The meatballs were scrumptious! Just the right amount of cheese in the middle of them and tons of Italian flavor. I wanted to eat more but I didn't want to be gluttonous. I chopped them up and mixed it in with my spaghetti and sauce so I had a little with each bite. Her sauce really had excellent flavor - I would buy just that if she would jar it :). And I think two meatballs is the perfect serving size. Some nice sauteed vegetables on the side or garlic bread would have really pulled this meal together but alas, I didn't have any and didn't think to order her Parmesan Garlic Bread  or Garlic & Herb Butter Vegetable Medley. 

A half pan (6 meatballs with sauce) is $9.95 + tax and this would have served my boyfriend and his kids just fine with pasta and garlic bread. So let's add $5 for that and we have a meal for the five of us for around $3 a person. Can you go anywhere and get that good of a deal? Not that I can think of. As an example, we went to Taco Bell with the kids for lunch and it was over $25 for us to eat and we weren't even satisfied with the quality of the food presented to us and the kids were still hungry. Simply Irresistible is homemade by a local business for a great price. I am definitely a fan and can't wait to try her other entrees I ordered.

A little more on Megan and her biz:

Megan graduated from WCTC's Culinary Management Program and is a proud member of the American Culinary Federation.

She doesn't have a specific catering menu because she really enjoys working with the individual clients to provide them just what they want. She does offer all of her take and bake options for catering too!

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  1. Wonderful article! I had Megan cater a work function a few months ago and I was impressed by her professionalism, as well as her flexibility to create a menu based of off the foods that I wanted for the party! It was a truly wonderful experience and I am a frequent customer!