Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Michael's Italian Restaurant - A Staple on my Faves List

When my parents or I are looking for a place to go in Waukesha that we will get excellent service and great food options, Michael's Italian Restaurant is always on the top of that list. I joined my parents there a few Fridays ago before we headed down to Waukesha's Friday Night Live.

The website lists them as being in Waukesha for over 35 years and I can vouch for excellent food for at least 10 years! When I used to work at Fox Run Sentry Liquor (RIP), the owner would occasionally spring for pizzas for us during the holidays and Michael's was one of his favorite take-out spots. They do not skimp on toppings and provide the toppings finely chopped so it's easy to eat. Not to mention two pizzas could feed a hungry staff for days because it's so filling.

It took me a few years to actually get inside of Michael's but my Aunt came into town and my parents suggested we give it a shot. Ever since then, it's been on our list as a favorite stop in Waukesha.

Although they have an excellent fish fry, I am always one to go outside the norm and try something else than the nightly special. Sometimes this works in my favor and other times not. Here, it was one of the best choices I have made (food wise) in the last year.

My parents both chose fish frys - Mom got the baked haddock and dad went with the perch. I, on the other hand, went with Chicken Marsala. I only order this dish at truly Italian places so I know the sauce is made from scratch.

My parents were both extremely pleased with their fish choices, as they always are. A nice, light and flaky batter on the perch and the haddock was broiled to perfection. And you get plenty to eat as you can see from their plates, not to mention a bread basket to go with the salads that we got as well.

And my Marsala was divine. Michael's does it a little different in that they pan fry the chicken first to get a nice Italian seasoned crunch to the chicken, but you can still see the chicken through the breading so it's not to heavy. The breast is nice and moist and very flavorful sans the sauce they put with it. The mushrooms and Marsala sauce are some of the best that I had and although I should have saved half of this meal for a later time, because it's a huge portion, I became a member of the clean plate club (taking after my father of course!). The steamed veggies and pasta were a great addition to the dish and I just kept right on eating and eating, savoring every bit of the sauce and chicken.

I highly recommend you check this place out in Waukesha. The parking lot is small, but they have street parking and a lot next door they use. Plus the traffic flows in and out quickly due to a lot of To-Go order pizzas.

The website provides the general information that you would find - menu, hours, location, but also a Gluten Free menu (YAY!), coupons and promotions! I also didn't know that Michael's caters, but I will have to keep that in my back pocket in case I am every in need. 

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