Thursday, July 24, 2014

Fair Food

This past week, I worked at the Waukesha County Fair for my company. I was on the grounds everyday for long hours and this gave me the opportunity to look at all the different foods and eventually try them. I have to get myself ready for the Wisconsin State Fair and what better way to start but at the Fair that leads up to State.

I didn't eat all of the items below but I had some great food sampler friends that allowed me to share their eats on the blog too!

Nachos - these will be back at the Fair next year - hopefully. This was a meal for two, but when I was ridiculously hungry on Saturday afternoon, I polished them off all on my own :) Seasoned chicken, nice freshly made chips, beans and cheese. They then provided jalepenos, sour cream and salsa to add on your own. All this for just $7 - it was amazing! 
Deep Fried Oreos - I know they have these at State Fair and I had them last year - AMAZING. The cookie gets soft from the frying and they are almost like whoopie pies.
Chicken on a Stick - Locate an Asian food stand and this should be an easy find.  It was marinated in terriyaki sauce and my friend ate it so fast because it was delicious.
Whiskey Flavored Ice Cream Root Beer Float - Sprecher was at the Waukesha County Fair for the first time this year, and I just needed something sweet on Saturday night. This hit the spot and the whiskey flavor really comes out when the ice cream melts into the root beer a bit.
I didn't' eat these, but aren't these hedgehog cookies too cute :) 
Gyros from Niko's Gyros  - They do the Fair and Festival circuit and have excellent Gyros. The meat was nice and flavorful and they gave me extra tzaziki sauce which I love!

Taco - for just $2 each, you were provided flavored meat and all the toppings you could want. My mom was really happy with her selection. My dad went for the chicken nachos and he agreed they are great!

We now have a Celebrity Cream Puff eating contest using people famous for supporting our Fair. I'm not a fan of cream puffs, but our Fair celebrities really enjoyed themselves!
Funnel Cakes - This is my favorite Fair food ever. It takes me back to the days of when my church festival, St. Joseph in Big Bend, would have funnel cakes. The booth would constantly pop the circuit breaker from cooking so many and overheating the little fryers. But they sold like crazy and they were selling like crazy at the Fair too! It is just so delicious and easy to share. I did choke on the powdered sugar, but it's not a funnel cake until you do :)

So next up is State Fair and I have a few new foods that I am excited to try so I really hope I get there some night. Topping the list is Peanut Butter Bacon Bison Burger, Shark on a stick, and the BBQ Chicken Cone. My eats from last year were pretty good, so I'm hoping for the same result this year :)

They even have a Gluten-Friendly menu - that is awesome!

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