Friday, May 9, 2014

Cranberry Sandwiches in Waukesha

When it comes to sandwiches, Waukesha has the cream of the crop. There are so many options and there is definitely something for everyone's taste.
Waukesha Riverwalk

This past week, I took some walks around downtown and made the decision twice this week to get a sandwich that had cranberries on it. I know it's not cranberry season, but I love the tartness of the berry when it's paired with cheese and other savory treats.
So weird to see so much of downtown now that the old buildings are torn down. What will take it's place?

Allison Art House

Gazebo that used to be at the 5 Points - Never noticed the stained glass before.

Avalon Square water feature - at night it's illuminated by color changing LED lights
My first cranberry sandwich was from Rochester Deli. I took a stroll through downtown and then swung by for a sandwich. I choose the Turkey Cheddar Panini - made with homemade cranberry relish, mayo and grilled on Vienna bread.
Rochester Deli Turkey Cheddar Panini

It was delicious and definitely hit the spot. The cranberries were large and really paired against the cheddar well. Warm, melty, and crisp bread - everything that makes a great panini. I chose the potato salad as a side and it too was great. A little more mustard than I typically like, but I ate it all. And a crisp pickle to finish the meal.
Rochester Deli

Oh and I can't forget to mention that I splurged on a lemon bar - fan-freaking-tastic. Due to the overwhelming response on the desserts and cakes that Rochester Deli is known for, Periwinkles Bakery was opened just next door to provide more dedicated space to the sweeter side of the deli. I will definitely consider this bakery the next time I need a treat for a group.

My next cranberry sandwich was the Cranberry Bog from The Steaming Cup. The road construction on Clinton Street does make it a little more challenging to get to this shop, but it's definitely worth it. I have had the bog before and it does not disappoint. It has cranberry cream cheese, mustard, turkey and pecans on a cranberry role. The cranberry role makes this one so unique, and although I am not a big mustard fan, the mustard on this one really adds a nice bite to the sandwich. 

The Steaming Cup - Cranberry Bog
While in The Steaming Cup I saw that they have some new sandwiches and one was an ambrosia chicken salad. I will have to stop back and try that too.

Waukesha Riverwalk
Waukesha's famous river bears
Downtown Waukesha's restaurants really set the bar high for quality and flavorful food. I don't have bad experiences when I eat downtown and I feel good supporting the local businesses. Not to mention my walk to and from these businesses is really pretty now that spring as finally sprung! 

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