Thursday, April 17, 2014

Katie's Gourmet Instant Oatmeal

I have become a big fan of Katie's Gourmet Instant Oatmeal in the last few months and have finally tried all the flavors.

Sunday Special has to be my absolute favorite, replacing Berry DeLite by a thin margin. I think why I like it so much is the chocolate chips! Who doesn't like chocolate? :)  They melt when you heat it up and add a chocolatey flavor to the oatmeal that I don't think I have ever had before and absolutely love.

I was hesitant on the banana in this flavor at first as I typically only like banana bread and real bananas. Anything else with banana flavor, I shy away from. However, this has real banana and strawberry flavor and really does have a banana split sundae taste to it.

I tried a bowl of the Grandma's Kitchen which has apples, raisins and cinnamon in it. It reminds me a little bit of the European Deluxe but the apples were tart. I might have been over cooking it a bit, but the apples tended to be a bit chewy. I let my parents try this as my dad has oatmeal every morning before work. They agreed about the apples but did like the flavor.

And Katie's last current flavor is Tropical Vacation. Dried mango, coconut, pineapple and orange - an island in a bowl! I am not a big fan of coconut (never have been), but I love mango and the other flavors, but for me the coconut was all I could taste. My mom loves coconut though and she really liked this one.

From Mom: "I made it just one portion at a time in the microwave with water as directed and with milk. And it was very good both ways. It had a nice texture, not just mush. After gently mixing the bag, there was ample fruit for each single portion. The only thing that sort of caught my off guard was a the 'tanginess' of what I'm thinking is the orange peel. It's the third ingredient listed (oats, mango, then orange peel) -- and in my first couple of bowls of oatmeal, it was just something I hadn't expected."

My mom told me that I could buy her this flavor and she would eat it all up again and again.

My dad's only suggestion was to make individual servings. He is an "on-the-go" breakfast guy that likes the pre-measured packets out on the market. I think what I will do for him is measure out servings, place them in baggies and put the baggies back in the larger bag. That way he has his on-the-go breakfast all set.

You can find Katie's Gourmet Instant Oatmeal at:
      Albrecht's Sentry in Delafield
      Fox Brother's Piggly Wigglys in Hartland and Oconomowoc
      O' What a Day Cafe on Bluemound in Brookfield
      Book Cafe on East Ave in Waukesha (by Carroll University)
      Sendik's in New Berlin
I am very excited for Katherine as this is the Sendik's my parents and I shop in a lot and is a wonderful store. My friend Jacob recently became the liquor department manager of this location as well so make sure you stop in and check out his great selection of wine and beer. This is one of the busier Sendik's in the area and I am very proud of Jacob for getting the position. And major kuddos to Katie for getting her oatmeal on the shelves of this busy store. She will post updates as to when she will be on the shelves and doing samplings of her products.

I also heard from her that she is testing out a new flavor to hit shelves this summer. Stay tuned to her website and Facebook page for all the details.

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