Monday, March 24, 2014

Pairdd - A Gluten Free Option

I was contacted by Pairdd  a few weeks ago and asked if I was interested in trying out one of their Gluten Free meal delivery options. I was very humbled that someone found my blog and was very excited for this opportunity!

I knew nothing of Pairdd, so I Googled them and found out they are quite awesome. Pairdd is a Milwaukee-based meal delivery service that has gluten free options for you to make at home. Everything is pre-portioned out for you and ready to eat in less than 45 minutes from unpacking to plate.

The Pairdd box is delivered to your doorstep on a Tuesday and as long as you get it in the fridge within hours of delivery, you are fine. The box has two very solid ice packs inside of an insulated bubble wrap bag, keeping the goodies nice and chilled. I received Rosemary Salmon with a Kale/Quinoa side salad.

I received a large recipe card to use while making the meal and a smaller one to keep handy for future reference. One suggestion to Pairdd regarding the packaging is to make sure the enlarged image has better clarity. The image looked great on the small card.

All of the food was labeled nicely with green stickers - great branding and no chance for a mix up.

I invited my friend Kacey to enjoy dinner with me. He has Celiac Disease. I thought it was be great for him to see other meal options that are out there.

This meal came together with ease - my only issue was that my oven took a really long time to heat up to the 500 degrees for broiling the salmon.  This is my issue to deal with - definitely thinking a new stove is in order for Fall :)

Anyways, while the salmon was in the oven with the rosemary sprig on top, I followed the rest of the directions and put the salad together very easily. It was nearly efffortless - boil quinoa, chop kale, add together with chickpeas and Craisins- voila! Who would have thought that combo would taste so amazing together?!?!

I did cook the salmon just a little longer than suggested because I wanted to be certain it was the correct temperature (Yes. I'm still getting used to my oven.)

Kacey arrived just as I was lemon-ing the salmon and getting ready to plate it up. He thought the salad was spectacular and just wished there was more of the whole meal. (Side note on Kacey - he eats multiple servings of everything!) He made sure I finished all my salmon and salad and said that he would have never thought of making that salad. It was an excellent combination of flavors. He is now aware of more options for himself. And I have a option  of getting him a gift card to Pairdd for his next birthday. Thank you for the recipe and gift idea Pairdd!

The portion was the perfect size for me and I am so glad I was given the chance to try it. The salmon had great flavor and was nice and flaky. The salad was really a good combo of savory and sweet.

Pairdd has different weekly options on their menu to give their subscribers many choices. An order placed by noon on Sunday, will arrive on Tuesday. Let Pairdd do all the shopping and prep work so you can come home and spend just a few additional minutes finishing the dish.

At first, I did think the price was a little high, but then after careful consideration...If it saves me time, and I know I'm getting a nutritious and tasty meal, its price is right! And aside from great taste and healthy food combinations, I also want to consier that shipping is included (so I don't have to shop), the prep is done by Pairdd (so I have more time to enjoy pre-dinner conversations) and I'm heating at home in my new place (so there's no need to tip). Plus, this is a guaranteed Gluten-Free option. For some people with severe allergies, going out to eat or splurging on a meal, isn't always an option because their choices are limited or they may not want to risk the chance of an allergic reaction due to a mix-up in the kitchen. Pairdd seems to have thought of everything.

And about the shipping process, I wondered if Pairdd had any sort of collection of recycling of the ice packs, bags and containers. they are just too nice to toss. Well, low and behold, Pairdd has a program for that too -- yay for a smaller carbon footprint!

So I suggest you all try Pairdd for a quick, easy and healthy meal delivered to your doorstep.

Pairdd is even more amazing because they are offering my readers 30% off anyone's first online a la carte order until the end of April using this code FOODFUN.

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