Thursday, March 13, 2014

Cue Club of Wisconsin


Now that I live on the north end of Waukesha, the Cue Club of Wisconsin (formerly Master Z's, formerly Sharkey's) is really close for me to go for a drink or a bite with friends.

A few weeks ago, my friend Kacey and I went to get a few drinks late on a Friday night. We got to Cue Club around 9 and they were just tearing down from the Fish Fry (that is pretty tasty!). We grabbed a table between the bar and darts area/dance floor. An employee was plugging the Jukebox back in and I was excited to play a few songs and just relax and catch up with Kacey.

But then I saw a DJ come in and start setting up in the booth. I didn't mind the music selection that began around 10, but the volume was almost obnoxious. If you haven't been the Cue Club, the bar is divided and 1/3 is bar/darts/seating and the other side is pool and Foosball. I'm sure if you are playing pool, the volume was OK, but for those in the bar area, we were screaming to carry on a conversation. And for the fact that no one was dancing or singing along, it seemed exceptionally loud as "background music."

We persevered through and took advantage of the Beat the Clock special (really a roll back the clock special.) Starting at 10 pm, every half hour drink prices go down $.50. Not a bad deal for a Friday night at all. Most bars don't have a special on Fridays, so this was nice to find out.

Fast forward to this week, and I invited a bunch of friends over for Mardi Gras. We decided after a drink at my place to take advantage of $2 Tuesdays. According to the website, it's $2 rails, calls, drinks and beer. I'm sure there are some exceptions to the rule, but the place was pretty busy. $2 drinks are made in a smaller plastic cup instead of a pint glass, but for just $2, it's a great deal.

We got there around 8 and put in our food orders. There wasn't a server on for the bar tables, so we had to squeeze in around the bar, flag down a bartender and then watch for the food to pop up by them. It was a little confusing with the bar being so crowded, but it worked. And the food came out really fast!

I ordered the BBQ Brisket sandwich. The bun was a hoagie and unfortunately could not hold the weight of all the brisket. A lot of it fell off the bun right away and the bun got super soggy (toast your buns people!). But the coleslaw on the sandwich was a nice crunchy addition. The pub fries are deliciously crispy outside and mushy soft in the inside. All sandwiches come with a pickle and a candy bar, however Tory's spicy buffalo chicken wrap came with neither and she was bummed.

Her wrap was quite spicy but she did enjoy it and it was rather large. A few others ordered burgers that looked fabulous and by how quickly the baskets were emptied, I can only imagine they tasted wonderfully. Tiffany ordered the fish sandwich and chicken bites. She too was almost a member of the clean plate club so I believe it was a successful outing for us all.

$2 Tuesdays also extends to the pool area. $2 per hour of play. The pool tables were pretty full but we did snag the one close to us and a few people played. I couldn't get over how many men were crowded around the foosball tables. I personally don't find that game as exciting but I guess you can get a lot of people to play for 2 hours and cost just $.25 each guy. 

We will definitely head back to Cue Club and take advantage of a few other specials they have. For a sandwich, some beers and good music from the Jukebox this time, I only spent $15 plus tip. That's a good price for me and it was a good night!

The Fish Fry is really good and I like that they have the small fish fry option as well. My mom found this to be the perfect size meal for her. The only issue is the only side it comes with is waffle fries. I wish there were more options or I'll order a different appetizer to have more variety next time. During Lent, the fish fry is available on Wed. and Fri. from noon - 10 pm.  Definitely check it this place out!

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