Thursday, March 20, 2014

Bernie's Tap Room and Downtown Waukesha

I had a date Friday night and I introduced him to Bernie's Tap Room and the Duck Confit and BBQ pizzas/flatbreads. The BBQ pizza was new to me and I think what makes Bernie's pizzas/flatbreads so outstanding is the super crispy and thin crust. I made another fan of the duck pizza and I WILL figure out the white sauce so I can try my darndest to make this at home. We took two slices of the BBQ pizza home to not be glutinous but it was really, really good.

My date was even lucky enough to score me some duck so I can try cooking it myself too! Any suggestions on cooking duck? 

Bernie's was hopping with people and the musician was just sitting down to start his first set. I took a double take and realized it was Mike Mann formerly from ManDown, a Milwaukee acoustic guitar coverband. In the mid-2000s, my cousin and I loved seeing them and we would go to whatever bars they were at because we were sure to have fun. Call us groupies or whatever but those guys knew how to rock it the southern rock way. It was great to see Mike still out playing and still rocking it. I didn't have a chance to say hi, but I'm sure I'll see him around again.

Then I showed my date around downtown and pointed out some of my favorite stops: People's Park, Nice Ash where my friend Kacey seemed to fly out of the bar to say hi to me, Poppin' on Broadway, Jackson's, Bosco's and Steaming Cup.

And then I tripped over the barricade in the road....... :(  

Nope, wasn't drunk, it just was really dark and I didn't see how far it was sticking out. Luckily my date kept me from falling completely over but whew - be careful out there folks. Road construction is the pits! (I will probably change it to the barricade jumped out at me in future retells of this date!)

My date was not from around here, so I'm glad he was able to see that Waukesha isn't a bunch of one-way streets that you can't get around (yep that's what he thought) and it has lots to offer. And he wasn't detered by the minor construction with me as such a great navigator for his first time in downtown. He has only been to downtown Waukesha one other time getting sausages for his dad's birthday surprise from Jimmy's Grotto. He is now a fan of Bernie's and I hope to make him a fan of many other places as well (regardless how the dating stuff works out!)



    Hey, bring your date to check out wtc!

  2. Thanks for the recipe! I am so excited to get the duck. And we just might take you up on coming to WTC. He has a sleeve started and I don't know when he is going to get it finished or if he has the full idea in mind yet.