Thursday, February 6, 2014

TV Shows on Netflix

Since moving into my condo, I decided to not get cable as I feel I don't need to spend my entire weekly evenings glued to the television. Sure there are a few shows that I am bummed I won't be able to see the first week they air unless watching it live (Revenge, Grey's). And I will miss my AMC, but I am not opposed to catching up by purchasing those shows (Walking Dead, Mad Men).

Anyways, I do have Netflix streaming and am very curious about RedBox's offerings. And the Waukesha Library has a ton of series, but I just have to get better at returning them on time so I'm not renting from the library and just checking them out. :)

Here is a list of series I have watched from start to finish and my thoughts on them.

How I Met Your Mother -- This is probably my favorite sitcom currently that I can watch from start to finish. (Big Band Theory is a very close second). I'm sad it's ending but catching up was so fun. I can relate to the lead character Ted as I never seem to be able to find love but I know it's out there for me. 

Dexter -- Evil-doing with a twist. Dexter only kills bad people and the plots of each season are really well thought out. 

Flashpoint -- A series I found on an ION network marathon and decided to watch from start to finish. I was really sad when the show was over as I connected with some of the characters. It's about the tactical police squad and the crazy situations they have to deal with. 

Six Feet Under -- (Not on Netflix but I got it at the library) Great show about a funeral home family. 

Pushing Daisies -- (Also available to stream on Netflix, borrowed from a friend) hmm a lot of my shows have to deal wth death but this one is actually really fun about a guy that can get final answers from those that have passed but only for a short period of time.

Breaking Bad -- Just started but it's good already! 

Freaks and Geeks -- good series about growing up in the 80s. I can definitely relate to the characters and their issues.

Orange is the New Black -- Season one complete and can't wait for season two. A woman makes a mistake 10 years earlier and ends up in prison serving her sentence for it with the woman that got her in trouble.

Arrested Development -- Got a few seasons in and lost interest. Awkwardly funny. 

Mad Men -- No matter what anyone else says, I LOVE this series. I work in advertising so it's great to see how it used to work back in the 60s. There is only one season left, but it is going to stretch over 2 years like the Breaking Bad finale. Season 7 premieres April 13!!!!

Pretty Little Liars -- Guilty pleasure series. I watch it when I can. 

Those are what I can remember and here's the list of what else I want to watch:

House of Cards
The Following
Friday Night Lights
Sons of Anarchy

Any other suggestions gladly appreciated!!! :)

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  1. Sherlock season 1 and 2 on Netflix, then season 3 on PBS online.