Monday, February 24, 2014

Pat's Rib Place

So many people have told me to go check out Pat's Rib Place in Waukesha and I just never got around to it. Luckily, I have foodie friends in Waukesha that like to check out places too, so I finally checked it out and was crazy impressed with the place.

Pat's Rib Place is across from the (now closed) K-Mart in the blue strip mall (between East and Big Bend Road) on Sunset. It's located in a former Subway location, as Subway moved down the strip mall into part of the former Dollar Discount I used to work at. Oh those were the days!  The other part of the dollar store is Robert's Specialty Meats - an amazing butcher shop that you must go to for the brats in summer!

But I digress.

Pat's was smaller than I thought it would be but the counter that would have had all the toppings for a sub, was changed into a counter with tall stools. You order at the far end and then pickup is where ever they can get the tray to you through the crowd (usually the other end of the bar).

Both Katherine and I went for the pulled pork dinner which included the sandwich, coleslaw, beans and a side. Fries are the typical side but for a small upcharge, you can get many other options. I chose fries and Katherine went for the fried okra.

While we waited for the food to be ready, Katherine and I caught up a bit. She recently started Katie's Gourmet Instant Oatmeal and so our lunch was part enjoying a new-to-us place and we part business. It was about food, so it was the perfect sort of business to talk :)

She has been really successful with online sales, having a farmer's market presence and she is in the Albrecht's Sentry in Delafield and O' What a Day Cafe. And I am now happy to announce that her oatmeal can also be found at the Fox Bros. Piggly Wiggly's in Hartland and Oconomowoc. Go Katie!

She provided me samples of her oatmeal to try and share my thoughts of them on my blog. So look for those posts coming soon!.

Ok - back to the food at Pat's Rib Place. The food came out and I could not believe the amount of pork on the sandwiches.

I took the lid off my coleslaw and used it to try the five different sauces on the table.  My favorite was "Alisha's Special Sauce" and I mixed that with the "Brown Brown" to get a little more sweet than hot flavor on my pork The sandwich was scrumptious! I wanted to eat it all, but I knew there was no way I could without needing a nap and being gluttonous. The fries seemed to be double fried and were crispy outside and soft and mushy inside - perfect fries to me.

The coleslaw wasn't overly creamy and didn't have a vinegar taste either. I added just a little pepper and it was good. The beans were tangy and sweet but I couldn't finish those either so I took those home as well. 

Katherine loved the sandwich too, and with it being the first time trying fried okra, it was a hit. The little nuggets tasted sort of like fried green beans - but better :) I would definitely order those next time.

We both asked for boxes to take home the leftovers and added a bit more sauce before we left. Our only suggestion would be to toast the buns. My bun got really soggy and with a toasted bun, it will add another level of awesome to an already great sandwich.

I can't wait to come back and try more off the menu. I recently checked out Smoke Shack in Milwaukee. I think Pat's Ribs Place has them beat except for the custom cocktails, but I don't need those to enjoy a great meal. Pat's has beers to choose from if you needed a little something extra with your meal, but honestly, it's really all about the smokey meats and Pat's excels at that!

In the Milwaukee A-List - Pat's Rib Place was voted 5th out of 25 restaurants (most being in Milwaukee). I think this really shows just how excellent of a place this is to check out.

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  1. Try the pork fry basket next time and the catfish!!!