Monday, February 10, 2014

Olympics and Russian Pelmenis

I love the Olympics -- summer and winter equally. The talent is like none other and I'm cheering on United States with all I can.

The opening ceremonies were beautiful and I just adored the ballet section. I used to dance pointe, and Russia does it like no other.

In honor of the Olympics being held in Russia, I wanted to make a traditional Russian meal. And I was further inspired by a blog readers Olympic rings cookies! However, just like Sochi, my meal was a partial fail. 

I attempted Pelmenis which are Russian meat dumplings. The meat came together well and my little food processor handled it like a champ!

But I have never excelled with dough :( Again this was a fail for me. I couldn't get the flour to liquid ratio right and ended up with a pile of goo. I followed the directions and had pancake batter. I know that for sure isn't dough. Then I added more flour and more flour and, it still was sticking to everything. And then it wouldn't stick to anything.

And rolling it was a fail with my makeshift rolling pin. Not sure where my pin is - maybe still in an unpacked box? Maybe at my parents? 

But instead of tossing it all and giving up, I just tossed the dough and went for Russian/Italian meatloaves instead. It's the Olympics, right - world unity for athletic ability?

 A little worchestershire, ketchup, an egg and some Italian bread crumbs and voila, mini meatloaves.

They smelled devine when the finally finished in the oven. Can you believe it took over 45 minutes for these little meat pies? I made some of my favorite creamy mashed potatoes to have with them and took two of the small loaves to work for lunch.

They were pretty good. I should have brought some cheese or ketchup/BBQ sauce but this is definitely a recipe to keep in my back pocket. 

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