Sunday, February 23, 2014

Mini Stuffed French Toast

I got a craving for French Toast after having cinnamon bread French toast at Fuzzy's a few weekends ago.

But I decided to do it up right and stuff it with cream cheese and jam and knowing that would be so sweet, I decided to attempt to make a savory nutty syrup. 

I had a cocktail sourdough loaf in my freezer and thawed it out. 

For the egg mixture, I used two eggs, 1 Tbsp of milk and a dash of cinnamon and vanilla. 

I put enough cream cheese on the square to just to cover the bread. Gobbing it on will cause a mess in your pan when you are cooking it because cream cheese gets runny when warm. (lesson learned!)

Then I put just a small amount of grape jam in the middle. Again, too much will ooze out and cause a stinky burnt sugar mess in your pan. 

Then, I put a piece of non-cream cheesed bread on top and pushed down lightly to stick it together. Dunk the sandwich in the egg mixture and let it sit a little to absorb the egg.  

While it was absorbing, I heated a pan and melted a little margarine in it.

 Once hot, I added the mini stuffed French toasts to the pan and cooked until lightly brown on both sides. 

For the syrup, I followed a basic recipe of brown sugar, white sugar and water.

But to "jazz it up" I added some salted chopped pistachios and extra salt. I could have more salt or some stout beer instead of water cook down but it was 9 am and didn't want to have to drink the extra beer or have it go to waste. I'll try that next time. 

The French toast was delicious and the syrup was a nice savory element. I would suggest serving with rosemary potatoes, bacon or sausage links for a more savory satisfying meal. 

But I will definitely make this again.

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