Friday, February 28, 2014

Fuzzy's for Brunch

I have heard so many great things about Fuzzy's breakfast and I love that they update their Facebook page the day before with the specials for the next day. I asked my friend Tiffany to come with me to brunch one Sunday morning a few weeks back and we are so glad we went.

As I figured, the parking lot was crowded and so was the inside. There was a waiting list for a table, but some nice folks already waiting informed us about two seats at the bar if we didn't mind eating there.

We took them up on the offer and took the seats. We were instantly greeted by a happy bartender and offered menus. I couldn't decide what I wanted to drink because it was 11 am. Beer didn't sound right and I'm not a Bloody Mary person. I didn't think a mimosa was an option, so I started running down a list of breakfast-y drinks - grapefruit vodka grapefruit juice, citrus vodka with OJ, X-Rated and Sprite, and I decided on the latter. X-Rated is fruity enough that I figured it would work and I am allergic to Vitamin C so the rest I couldn't enjoy until I had my meal.

Tiffany got a Bloody Mary and it came stuff with stuff and as you can see from the picture, it was pretty good. I had a sip, but I am not a big fan of them. It seemed to have enough kick and good flavor, but I just can't drink a whole one. That seemed to the be the popular drink of the morning as the bartenders were mixing them up left and right. I forgot to consider a Baileys and coffee but I wasn't really in the mood for something warm.

Fuzzy's serves breakfast until 3 pm and has a multitude of options. I decided on the Pecan French Toast and Tiffany went for the Eggs Benedict.

We had some time to chat and saw other food come out of the kitchen which all looked really good. People kept coming in and tables were turning over pretty quickly. Olympic ski jumping was on the TV so we were entertained by that while we waited. Some other folks asked me about my drink and I gladly shared with them what I was having and that it was a nice and fruity!

And then the food came!!! My Pecan French Toast was on cinnamon bread - even more amazing that I thought it would be and Tiffany's Eggs Benedict looked rich and delicious. They weren't shy on the pecans and I could only eat two of the four pieces. Of course I ate all the sausage. There is just something about a sausage link that I either love or hate. These were the love kind - not too fatty and good flavor. The French Toast was spectacular and spurred my creation of stuffed mini French Toast. It really doesn't get much better than this!

We swapped bites so we could try each others. The 'famous' cheese sauce was excellent, the eggs weren't too runny and the English muffin was crispy like it was toasted on the griddle. It was definitely indulgent, but I know why Tiffany went for it!

Tiffany and I have eaten sandwiches at Fuzzy's before, but I definitely have to keep this place in mind more often. The food is really great. Sitting at the bar did give us a front row seat for some bartender gossip that, for some patrons, could be a bit much. But as someone that has served, there are just times where you have to say what you have to say and get it done with. It definitely wasn't anything that would keep me away from the place.

They have specials every day of the week, so I think I'll be back to check out the tacos or pizza soon. Also, they have a sister bar, Lucky Rabbit, on the corner of Madison and St. Paul that I have been meaning to check out. The table top menus are facing out when I walk by on my lunch (smart planning!) and I see they make pizzas so I will definitely have to see if they can top Magellans, my favorite in Waukesha.

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  1. Now THIS how a restaurant review should be written!