Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Throw Together Creamy Veggie Soup

I call this soup my "Everything but the Kitchen Sink" dish. I follow a very basic recipe from Food Network to get the base going (probably could have figured it out on my own but I was lazy) and then jazz it up with lots of healthy veggies.

This recipe yield just a few servings, so I doubled it (and maybe a little more).

Get the onion sauteing in the butter and it's smooth sailing from there.

I should have fine-tuned knife skills by now, but I'm still sloppy. No cut fingers (knock on wood) but I am just not coordinated to go fast with a knife for dicing.

I added some other spices, including paprika, thyme, celery seed and garlic powder and limited myself to three cups broth and one cup water. I didn't want to overdue it on the salt. 

I used a bag of mixed frozen veggies that had a cheese sauce already in it to add some extra flavor. Then some frozen peas, fresh broccoli and diced ham were thrown in. Right at the end, I added some fresh parsley and about a cup of shredded cheese that I had leftover.

Just need for it to simmer and you are ready to use your Whipper Doodle (immersion blender). Due to an incident last week with said blender, I was extremely careful to keep it completely submerged in the soup. I did scoop out about a cup and a half of the veggies so the soup wouldn't be completely creamy.

This really turned out stellar. And it's really not all that bad for you. Some butter and cheese but you need your daily dairy intake right?

Because I have to have something to dunk in my soup, I picked up a cheddar biscuit mix at the dollar store.  Not realizing it only made five biscuits, I was a little bummed, but it was a perfect side to dunk.

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