Friday, January 10, 2014

Pink Concert in Milwaukee

About a year ago, I found out P!nk was coming to Milwaukee and my friend Kacey asked right away to go. I have loved her since her punk days of the early 2000s and she has just gotten better since then.

I bought tickets within the first 10 minutes they went on sale because I knew it was going to be a big hit. So from March to November, we patiently waited for the concert to get here. Then P!nk came down with voice issues and rescheduled until January. I'm glad she didn't cancel, but it was sad to think we have been in waiting almost a year to see her.

But it was definitely worth the wait. Unfortunately it was rescheduled from a Sunday to a Thursday so we didn't have the day to enjoy downtown Milwaukee and had to rush around after work. We got stuck in some traffic and then had to park and hoof it through downtown to find dinner. So many places were packed, we eventually found Bistro 333 at the Hyatt had seating available.

The manager came over and took our drink order almost immediately and we thought - yes perfect a good spot for a quick bite. Unfortunately this wasn't the case. We got our drinks and looked over the menu a bit. We placed the order with the manager and that's when I saw they had one server and she was running around like a nut.

I got the Turkey and Havarti on a pretzel bun and Kacey got the Angus burger. For lack of pictures of the food, I can best describe the entrees and completely unequal. I received turkey piled high with melty Havarti and pears on a warm pretzel bun with lettuce and mayo. Kacey received a burger plain on a bun. He wasn't asked what he wanted on it only how he wanted it cooked. He immediately asked for mayo to help with the burger and another round of drinks but none of it ever came and we couldn't get the managers attention. My sandwich was so big, I gave Kacey half of mine and he ate the blah burger meat with ketchup. We were really disappointed in the quality of his food and the service.

The server came over and apologized for not making it over to us and that she was slammed. All I can say is - Hey Hyatt, you are across from the US Cellular Arena, Milwaukee Theater and Bradley Center - wouldn't you staff your bar for all event nights adequately? Maybe someone called in sick, but then the manager shouldn't have left until the server could get things under control.

We decided to not let it dampen our spirits and headed over to the BMO Harris Bradley Center for the show. A $14 cocktail in hand (ouch!) and we made our way to our actual nosebleed seats. We were one row off the ceiling but it wasn't too horrible. I probably will never pick those seats again if I can help it, but I did like that I was straight on from the stage.

P!nk puts on a spectacular show. She is so athletic, funny, daring and has an amazing set of vocals.  Her show is almost like Cirque du Soleil with all the acrobatics and dancing. She dangled from a spinning orb on the stage and then spun in the middle really fast and still sang. There were some parts where she was out of breath from the dancing and let us take over the songs but I didn't mind.

Even with her ear piece not working some of the time and you could tell she was frustrated, she still went along with the show even saying she didn't need to hear herself as long as we thought she sounded good. One of my favorite quotes from her "We talk in kids language now about my shows, I am frustrated and feel like Belle." Later she commented on hearing herself in the earpiece was like Nemo and then when it was all better she felt like Cinderella!

She sang, played the drums and piano, danced, flipped, twisted and laughed all over the stage in heels! Her show is very entertaining and she is purely awesome. If she comes again I am there. On a personal level, she has motivated me to realize that if I put my mind to something, I can most likely accomplish it. Physically you can't be her awesome body and I hope to work towards a healthier lifestyle and get back into dancing.

Enjoy the shots from the show here is a link to my YouTube videos to enjoy. 

*Update - here is the link for Tap Milwaukee's thoughts of the show. I agree 100%!




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