Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Plaza Garibaldi - Pewaukee

Plaza Garibaldi is technically in Pewaukee, but I consider it still Waukesha as it's so close to my new home. After a night of painting and trimming and electrical rewiring, I treated my parents to dinner and we chose this place.

It's at the end of a strip mall on Silvernail and rumor has it, it's in a former Culver's. But you wouldn't know that from the dining room too much. The decor is warm colors and large wooden pillars. Only a glance into the kitchen revealed the signature blue and white tile of a Culver's (and maybe the chairs).  It was all decked out for the holidays too!

We were promptly greeted by a friendly server and brought chips and two types of salsa. The hot was pretty hot so I stuck to the mild that had just enough kick to keep me coming back for more. My dad and I just stuck to the beer menu but there were other options as well.

The menu is endless with so many amazing options, it took a long time to decide.

Mom went for the chicken flautas and I can't believe how many were in the serving! She said they were perfectly crisp and only left one uneaten for me to take home.

Dad went for his favorite - the taco salad with chicken, and he said it was really good. There was nothing left on his plate so I will take his word for it.
And I went for my favorite the chicken chimichangas. I could only eat one, but it was so delicious. The chicken is well seasoned as were the beans. Both my mom and I couldn't get over how yummy and fresh the guacamole was. My rice was a little cold but I'm not a huge rice fan anyways so I left most of it behind.

The service was great and there were quite a few other tables of families in the restaurant when we were there.

I don't really know too much about this place as the website is very basic and the Facebook page hasn't been touched for almost a year. But if you are in the area and looking for a quick Mexican dish, I suggest you stop by :)


  1. You are actually right, it is in the City of Waukesha, just has a Pewaukee mailing address. With that being said, I kind of forgot about that place. I'll have to check it out. Have you tried Taqueria el Palmar yet (next to Ace Hardware on Main) Great hole in the wall with the best tacos around.

  2. I have not tried Taqueria el Palmar but I have heard great things about it from other bloggers. I hope to get there this year - it's high on my list. :) Thanks for reading!